r41.4 – Demo, Mobile, Legacy, and more

A new Dragon Queen publicly transforming.
[Portrait] [Landscape (full scene)]

Release 41.4 is out, and brings forward a number of features from the Flash version into the new non-web version:

DemoTry out The Underworld without having to download Flash.  As with the old Flash version, the first three chapters are fully playable (today’s art is a scene from one of them).

As the demo hadn’t been updated in a long time, new demo users will probably notice the most changes in Haven.  Haven has NPC’s who comment on you when you’re exposed, and the trading outpost has a couple side-story scenes with Elijah.

Fullscreen – Activate in settings.

Queues – This isn’t a new feature, but it might now be visible depending on how much traffic the demo gets.  If a lot of people are playing the demo at the same time, you may have to wait in a queue.  (Previously the server would just crash / not respond if it had too much activity, so this is actually an improvement ;)).  Anyone subscribed gets priority entrance through the queues.  Ideally there’s no wait time even for demo players, so if wait queues become a common occurrence, I do plan to look into how to do proper autoscaling so no one has to wait.  But overall, a short wait is still better than all of skycorp breaking entirely as sometimes happened with new releases back in the day.

Mobile / Touch – A number of new changes make it possible to play the game on mobile devices again.  I’ve tested it in both Android Chrome + FireFox. Also, for the first time ever, this should mean you can play the game on iOS via chrome or firefox without needing a specialized flash-compatible browser.  (Take that, apple censorship! :p).

Mobile devices should be auto-prompted to rotate to landscape and enable Touch Mode:

This will allow the game to be played as usual, without even having to download anything to your phone:

As before, touch mode enables larger sized buttons and the ability to scroll the text panes by touch-dragging them.  Touch-drag is currently very slightly janky on mobile firefox, but works well on mobile chrome.  (If you’re using mobile firefox and this is important to you, please post a bug to the bug database and I’ll investigate it further in future)

Legacy mode – If you got legacy way back in the day, the web version should now work for you.

Adjustable font sizes – Modify in settings.

Name entry – Enter male & female names during the intro.


I know it’s been a while since there’s been new content, and so my plan is to put engine work on hold for a bit to make some fun new content for the game next. There’s also an awesome TF/TG art sequence that goes with it by a very talented TF artist that I’m looking forward to sharing, but have been holding until the accompanying game content is ready — so look forward to that!

After the content update, I’ll return to engine work to finish things up (ex: modding, save/load, wyvern, etc).

In the meanwhile, please do report any bugs you find!

Art at the top is by myself — please excuse the programmer art!  I’m still a beginner, but it’s fun to do art during the discord voicechats sometimes and more game art is always a good thing? 

r41.3 – Whoredra Ported + Bugfixes

Have you missed being a multi-headed draconic prostitute?  :3  The new engine has been updated with the Whoredra content ported over from the old Flash engine!  Your fellow Whoredra heads, Emerald and Violet, are eager to welcome you back~

In the process, I also fixed up Whoredra AI to be much harder to get into softlock states.  For instance, Emerald and Violet should no longer infinitely try to put on the same top if your belly is too large/pregnant to wear it.  Note — it’s still intentionally possible to get into playable Bad End states by design… Violet does love her cursed piercings, and if that means your shared body ends up unsuitable for adventuring and you’re now relegated to only whoring up Haven, well… the other heads are fine with that 😉

This update includes the following changes & bug fixes:

  • Whoredra ported over to new engine
  • Fixed bug where Public Use Tattoo was causing High Metabolism effects instead of Public Use effects
  • 74 – Added horseshoe to debug rooms
  • 32 – Fix Whoredra gets stuck in farm
  • 71 – Prevent Emerald from trying to grind mobs for money if wearing a nonviolent or obedient aspect (fixes first case #71)
  • 71 – Whoredra heads remember which items fail an equip, and won’t retry them for a while (fixes second case of #71)
  • 77 – Fix poll results not displaying
  • 76 – Fixed cookie warning
  • 33 – Fix cow transformation removes Whoredra heads
  • 31 – Whoredra will no longer attempt to wear clothes in slots that would immediately burst due to horsecock or too large belly
  • Whoredra head will not do a takeover for something that isn’t bugging them just because they’re in a bad mood because of other things

Optional Build E-Mails

If you’d like to be notified of when new builds are available (and other posts on this blog), there is now a system set up to do exactly that!

For easiest access, just login to the Researcher Intranet, and accept the prompt at the top (which will prepopulate your existing e-mail, so you don’t even have to type it in again).  Or, you can also access the system directly here, including if you don’t otherwise have an account.

Tip:  It is recommended to also add no-reply@updates.skycorp.global to any safe sender list or set up a gmail filter to allow messages from it, to ensure messages aren’t accidentally routed to your spam folder.  Here is a page with instructions on how to do this for various platforms.

r41.01 – New Engine Released to Private

The new (non-Flash) engine discussed in the last post is now released to all active game subscribers!

With this new engine, you don’t need to download Flash.  The game is now playable inside a desktop web browser with no additional dependencies.  See the last post for details on what content is available in the new engine so far.  Please do report bugs affecting Ch 1~6 content, as that’s all expected to work now.

  • The map bug affecting r41 WIP should now be resolved.
  • New servers have been deployed for European and Australian regions.
  • Some misc backend improvements.

r41 WIP – New Engine is Playable (Non-Flash)

After much re-coding, the new engine is finally in a playable state!

This version is completely Flash-less, and will run right in your desktop web browser (tested in Firefox & Chrome).  Support for mobile browsers & a mobile progressive web app will be added in future.

Currently chapters 1~6 should be playable in the new engine, though these haven’t been thoroughly tested so there will likely be some bugs yet.  (Speaking of, if the minimap looks really weird, try refreshing the page to fix it.)

For now, this build is only available to WIP subscribers via the usual Researcher Intranet, though it will be rolled out to all active subscribers soon.

Cookies / Log-out

This is about seven years overdue, but the researcher intranet now supports cookies so you don’t have to manually log in every time.  You can also log out, too.

Automated Builds

In the Researcher Intranet, you will now see a new WIP build labeled “autobuild.”  This is currently available to all WIP subscribers and reflects the absolute latest content in source control.  Just like all WIP builds, these aren’t recommended for typical gameplay as they haven’t yet been tested.  However, it may be fun to take a look at the absolute latest changes to see what’s coming.

Similarly, there’s a new #builds discord channel, which gives a sneak peek into what’s being committed into source control as our trusty BuildBold tries to build each new commit and make it playable.

Currently, the #builds channel is viewable to everyone in Discord, though this may change to all subscribers, WIP, or no-one at all depending on if I’m working on something I want to surprise people with.  (Similarly, autobuild may sometimes be unavailable).

Artist Info Page

There’s now a specific page for people to find out about contributing art for the game.  Sign-ups for that are open on an ongoing basis, and we already have one super awesome TF sequence complete.  I won’t be revealing it until the accompanying game content for it is ready, but the artist did an amazing job and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Backend / CDN

Lots of changes and upgrades to various server stuff on the backend, including: new OS, improved caching on the blog, in process moving a lot of static blog assets to a CDN, etc.

Seeking Artists + Engine Status Update

Flash Version Still Playable

First, an important reminder that even though you can’t play the game in most browsers due to Flash’s death, you can still play the game outside of browsers.  Either download the standalone Flash Player Projector or install the APK on Android.  Instructions are on the download page.

Call for Artists

As we get closer to getting actual new content again, I’d like to prepare by meeting more artists interested in contributing chapter cover art.  If you enjoy drawing furry art, and want to do some for this game, please click here.

Non-Flash Port Progress

Work on porting the engine off of Flash is going well, with much of the recent work focused on getting the game to be playable with only a web browser (no install needed).  There is still more work to do here, but the basics are functional now.  It’s been a bit slow going as, among other challenges, I’ve had to learn a whole suite of new technologies.  However, I’ve been making progress and hope to have an early beta to backers before too long.  Again, thank you to everyone for your patience and support!

If you’d like to see some occasional work-in-progress screenshots, I typically post them to #research-lab on Discord.  (Although they’re probably not super exciting to look at yet :P)

Also — in case you were wondering about the previous DLC/mod vote, I do still have plans to get to it.  But once Flash stopped working in browsers, that bumped up the priority a lot for getting the port done as fast as I can manage it.  New TF content will be the thing I work on next, right after the new engine.

Today’s research blog art is by the very talented AnthroMage; I am definitely imagining this as a transformation sequence 😉

New Engine in Development + Patreon International Currencies + Poll

Here’s some updates on some behind the scenes work I’ve been doing on the project:

New Engine in Development

I know there’s been a lot of (justified) concern about Flash games no longer being playable at the end of the year, thanks to browsers dropping support for them.  Even well known web games like Farmville are shutting down entirely.  For us, the most important thing to note is the end of Flash is not the end of The Underworld.  This is because two reasons:

1)  The Flash version of the game client will still run, just not in browsers. On desktop you will still be able to play the game’s SWF via the standalone Flash player projector — slightly inconvenient, but still definitely playable.  And the Android APK will continue to work as normal.

2)  I am in the process of doing a full rewrite of the game.  This is a massive undertaking, but already there’s been tremendous progress.

Currently, the first five chapters are all fully playable in the new engine, using a test UI.  If you’ve been following the backer channel on Discord, you’ve probably already seen a bunch of early dev screenshots leading up to this latest one:

(Don’t worry dark mode fans, this is just test UI for now)

Currently, most all the core gameplay features like player state, maps, items, enemies, fights, transformations, acceptance system, visibility, pathfinding, etc are all in.  The remaining stuff is the additional chapters, DLCs, mod support, getting a proper front-end, save/load, and so on.  So there’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s getting there (no ETA yet).

For whenever the initial release is, I am planning for the first release to support HTML5 / web browser only.  If I do it right, you’ll be able to play the HTML5 version on Android/iOS web browsers, too.  But once the HTML5 version is working, I’m planning to get a version made for Windows EXE & Android APK.

The whole codebase is moving to C# now, which has a lot fewer idiosyncrasies than ActionScript and has already helped me find and fix a number of old bugs in the source code.  Flash has always had a lot of strange unfixable bugs based on which version of Flash player you’re using, and so I’m looking forward to those no longer being something to worry about.

Poll:  New Mod / Mini DLC

It’s been a while since I got to work on any content, so I’m planning on taking a break from engine rewrites and make some new (small) content.  I’m leaning towards mods and stories, since engine-independent content I wouldn’t have to immediately re-port from the old engine to the new engine afterwards.

You can help me decide how to spend the break in the current poll.  It’ll be the same total amount of time spent regardless of medium, so that means depending on which option is chosen, the amount of new content will vary with complexity.  Example:  For something like clothing, I could make a bunch of small clothing mods.  Whereas something like a complex scripted monster, would probably just be one enemy.  Alternatively, I could just write a TF fiction or something like that, which would be the most amount of content by wordcount, but be non-interactive.

Active backers can vote in the Researcher Intranet as usual for polls.

In terms of specifics, I’m still thinking over what I want to make.  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments and on our Discord server.

Patreon – International Billing / Multicurrency

(If you’re using BMT, nothing in this section should affect you)

Patreon is requiring all projects to support multiple currency options as of today, Oct 5th.

The upside is that if you’re in the UK or EU, you will soon(/now?) be able to pledge in your local currency.  If you are currently in those territories and pledging with USD, you won’t experience any change.  However, once the change rolls out to you, you’ll be able to opt into changing to your local currency.  At that time, any new patrons in those regions will be able to sign up with their currency, too.

Since this happened after the existing charge cycle for October, it shouldn’t affect anyone until next month’s charges on Nov 1 (and only if you opt in).

Please note that Patreon doesn’t charge the exact same for international currencies as the USD equivalent, as there’s an international transaction fee included in the cost.  It may be slightly more or less than what your bank would charge for the same service, so you may want to compare closely and see what’s the best deal for you.  (Based on my own personal credit card’s 3.5% international transaction fee, it looks to be about a $0.14 markup for their conversion service)

Unfortunately, supporting this change necessitated a complete and total rewrite of the pledging backend for our website.  It was fairly time consuming to do, but it’s now finished in time for the upcoming conversion.  It’s already up and running, and appears to have handled the October payments without issue.  However, please do contact me on e-mail or Discord if you have paid for October but not yet received game access.

Additional info on the multicurrency change can be found on Patreon’s website.


Finally, I want to thank everyone who has continued to support the project during the engine port over despite there not being any new content while I work on rewrites.  The rewrite is a long and arduous process, but it means the game will be able to have a longer term future outside of Flash’s death, so it’s important to get it done.  Your continued support allows that to happen, so as always, thank you for both your financial support as well as the encouraging comments on the blog and on Discord. <3