r50 – Farm Extended (VCiV Ending); Shemale Dom Alts

r50 is now playable for all active subscribers and introduces…

Extended Play for Farm’s VCiV Ending

In the previous update, I introduced some content to revisit the characters from The Farm and see what had happened to them after the SkyCorp ending.  Today’s update does likewise for The Farm’s VCiV ending route.  In 3,000 new words, see what happened to Micky, Emily, and Sasha.

Easiest way to access this content is via Chapter Skip, under the “Extended Farm (VCiV Ending)” option.

Note – Micky in this route will be found in the extended meadow (the procedural dungeon area).

Second note – Unlike the other ending route, there is currently no way to escape from this ending (unless you sneak in some items in advance).  Hope you like being a milky cow forever 😉

Shemale Dom(s) for Farm

In the VCiV post-ending content, a new minotaur has taken over The Farm.  Her name is Doris, and while she is mostly analogous to Micky, she does have two new exclusive scenes for her (one lore, one horny).  Her cum also has the special property of permanently increasing your milkiness.  If you get fucked by her too much, you won’t be able to take more than a few steps away from a milking machine~

In addition, you’ll also find Horse Women in the extended meadow area (basically shemale genderswap version of Horse Men).

Note – if loading an old save, may need to re-enter the farm to trigger Doris taking it over.

Bug Fixes

  • 129: Hard lock discovered in Return to The Farm content
  • 109: Multiple KritaCows

Art by Sylvi of what a possible hybrid SuccuCowBee might look like.

10 Years of The Underworld!

This weekend marks the ten year anniversary of when I started work on The Underworld!

The original r1, with no map system or UI scaling

When I released the initial version, I didn’t expect how much people would enjoy the game or that they’d want to play more.  I’ve been very encouraged by the positive comments and patronage over the years.

There’s been 83 releases total.  Here are some milestones:

  • Feb 9, 2014 – Started work on game (based on oldest surviving file)
  • Aug 13, 2014 – First initial announcement about the game
  • Aug 16, 2014 – First test build sent privately (15 downloads)
  • Oct 14, 2014 – First public build posted (11,322 downloads)
  • Nov 11, 2014 – First sale on BMT
  • Apr 10, 2017 – First Patreon backer
  • Apr 24, 2017 – Patreon launched
  • July 25, 2017 – Adobe announces end of Flash (oof)
  • July 31, 2017 – Discord created / first message (“Test”)
  • Feb 2, 2018 – Subscription
  • April 16, 2020 – Started work on new engine (which happens to be the 1000th code check-in)
  • May 16, 2020 – 1000 people in Discord
  • June 24, 2021 – First WIP release of new engine with chapter content playable again
  • August 5, 2023 – Port work for the new engine done as TF Mods added (the last of the remaining major features from the old engine)

After rewriting the entire game in a whole new programming language, the game is better than ever!  Today we’re up to 27k registered users and 1.3 million gameplay sessions.  Back when I first started this, I never thought it’d have the following it does today.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this fun and exciting journey 🙂

r49 – Return to The Farm (Procedural Extended Play)

In the latest build, you can now return to The Farm and explore a procedural farm-themed dungeon.  In addition, one of the endings for the farm chapter (the SkyCorp ending) has a couple new story scenes (~3,000 new words) so you can see what Sasha and Isabella have been up to in the intervening time.  (I have plans for a future update that will also cover the VCiV ending in a similar way).

After getting an ending for the Farm chapter, the Extended content opens up after beating the Strip Club chapter.  Quick start options for both endings have been added to the Chapter Select screen.  For the SkyCorp ending, if you’re re-caught in the farm, you will be forceably transformed into a cowgirl once again.  Micky has a new intro if he re-catches you directly.

Security has been stepped up, so escaping your milky fate will be notably more challenging.  Beware — if you indulge in the bovine growth hormones to up your milk production, it’ll become impossible to move far away from the milking machine at all!  It is definitely possible to get yourself trapped on the farm while in Extended mode.

Similar to past procedural dungeons, you can change the generation parameters to make larger or smaller dungeons by visiting Malory in VCiV HQ before entering the farm.  By doing this, you’ll also have a specific intel objective item to seek out in the procedural dungeon and return to her (assuming you don’t just give in to your new life~)

Hybrid Cows

In addition to becoming a cowgirl again, you now have the option to become a hybrid cow.  If you return to the farm as another species, for instance a fox, you will be able to ask Micky to change you into a foxcow.  Showing up as a Dragon Queen will result in you becoming a Dracow Queen, and you’ll indeed both make milk and lay eggs~

Typically, hybrid cows will end up with milky F-cup breasts, including an extra row of breasts, an udder, some kind of tail, cow ears and non-dexterous hooves.  The species name you’re referred to as will also be updated to include ‘cow.’

(This should work for most of the species in the game, but certain edge cases like supporting non-verbal speech hasn’t been done yet for the farm enemies)


  • Added back button to Chapter Skip screen (finally after 9.9 years 😅)
  • Modding:  Fixed a bug where Player.incOverweight function was not passing the optional hyper parameter

r48 – Gym Rat (Weight Gain Dom)

r48 is now released to all backers and includes a new mob, a way to re-encounter Valeska, and assorted fixes.

Gym Rat

A new fightable enemy has appeared in Haven:  the Gym Rat.  This athletic female wields a double-ended dildo with weight transfer powers.

If you lose combat against her, she’ll fuck the pounds into you via the double-ended dildo, leaving you chonkier every time you meet her.  She soon realizes she can eat as much food as she likes and just stuff the fat into you, instead.  Your progressively growing weight becomes a sign of her dominance over you as you struggle to beat this powerful enemy.  This rodent loves playing with your new chub and teasing you about how heavy you’re getting.

Not content with only fattening you up during encounters, she’ll also try to convince you to wear one of the cursed collars that will transform you into one of the thicker species (Panda, Elephant, or Turkey) — forms that keep piling those pounds on regardless of your efforts.

The weight transfer dildo can fatten you up to the point where walking around becomes difficult, and eventually impossible entirely.  (Note: currently immobilization just drops you off at the gym so you can (slowly) work off the pounds, though I’d like to add some more immobilization activities/options in future.)

If you defeat her in combat (no easy task given her high level), you can turn the tables!  Flip the dildo the other way around, and now you’re adding pounds to her.  If you get her fat enough, she’ll start to lose combat effectiveness, and eventually immobilize… making her stuck like that forever.

There’s around 3,600 new words for Gym Rat content, including variations to properly recognize different acceptance levels and be compatible with vocal limitations.

Re-encounter Valeska in the Dragon Temple

If you are a collared Dragon Queen, you can now get knocked up by Valeska (from the previous update’s Procedural Dragon Temple) as many times as you like!

After you have become a full Dragon Queen and collared by Valeska, you can use the altar in the Hatchery to re-trigger her breeding sequence.  The alternate intro to it is around 1,200 new words long and teases the player a bit about how the whole temple knows you are a horny, egg-filled Dragon Queen now~

Misc Improvements / Fixes

  • Fix bug where Valeska fails to put the level limit piercing on you.
  • Butt size adjectives now consider overweight amount (in addition to also considering breast size as before.)
  • Text spacing fix for when increasing or decreasing weight for belly shirt lift-up stage.
  • Added new text variables for checking player weight.
  • #121 – Fix bug where dragon servant would cause instant full term pregnancy if player had a type of pregnancy other than Dragon Queen.
  • Fix issue where going in and out of chapter select options was causing player to be overleveled / too far along in progression.
  • Fonts on the blog / intranet portal are a bit larger to more closely match in-game font size and generally be more readable.
  • #113: Fix for self examine textbox not resizing on window maximise (fixed in demo, also).

r47 – Procedural Dragon Temple

Return to the Dragon Temple and become an egg-laying Dragon Queen once again!

The temple has opened for new recruits, and they’ll take any human who wanders in.  Their transformation ritual/orgy will have you transforming back into an anthro Dragon Queen.  You’ll be dumped in the middle of a procedural, randomly generated dungeon. And if you don’t escape before laying eggs and being collared, you’ll be stuck as the new Dragon Queen permanently.

New Dom:  Valeska

In this update, you’ll meet a new character, Valeska.  This shemale anthro dragoness has been ordained as the temple’s high priestess by virtue of being the temple’s most virile biped.  This comes from the fact she’s a broodstud hybrid and has the equipment to match.  That semi-feral 18″ dragon cock and powerful haunches can keep filling a Dragon Queen for hours, yielding so many eggs you won’t even be able to walk for some time afterwards.  Not all the temple denizens are thrilled with a near-broodstud in such a revered position (there still being a lot of biped/quadruped social class dynamics, even amongst the changed population), but Valeska is just within the requirements to pass as a biped.  In any case, it’s difficult to argue with the results after seeing the size of your egg-filled belly and watching the egg laying counter in the breeding chamber increase with your every clutch.

Dragon Queen Pregnancy – Extra Large Belly Sizes Unlocked

Both Dragon Servant and High Priestess Valeska can now knock the Dragon Queen pregnancy up to higher levels (beyond 100lb belly).

Doing so will reduce player mobility and debuff attacks, and eventually reach a point where the player will be immobilized entirely. This also means Dragon Queen pregnancy is no longer rigidly tied to laying eggs at exactly 100lbs, though this is only really noticeable for your first clutch or you’re carrying more than 100lbs of eggs.

So as to avoid overwhelming new players, extra large bellies only get triggered in the extended play content (not during Chapter 3).  Also, this feature is only implemented for Dragon Queen pregnancy.  The other pregnancy types are still tied to 100lbs — though this might be added in future.

New & Updated Scenes

This update brings around 6k completely new words, mostly focused in Valeska’s two long scenes.  The transformation ritual/orgy scene includes some small randomized variation — keep an eye out for what the other recruit changes to, as the initiate to your left has three different outcomes described.

In addition, the old scenes with the Dragon Disciple and Dragon Servant have been improved to support the player in varying states, such as different levels of acceptance and different species.  Temple denizens will try to capture humans, regular anthro dragons they tolerate unless attacked, and Queens they try to breed.

Also, there’s a Drakeling scene outside the temple to hint at the content inside.

How to Play

To initiate it:  Just revisit the Dragon Temple after finishing Chapter 4.  One way to do that is to chapter skip to Chapter 6, then walk over to the Dragon Temple, and lose a fight there.

Alternatively, and perhaps more fun from a gameplay perspective, you can initiate the new content through the procedural missions system.  Chapter skip to Chapter 6, go one room north to speak with Malory and initiate a side mission.  Here you can customize the dungeon and make it larger/smaller, etc (make sure you choose ‘Temple’ as the location).  This can also put a level limit piercing on you to make the challenge a bit more balanced so you don’t have to intentionally lose a fight.  Then walk over to the dragon temple and it’ll use the settings you configured.  See at what dungeon size/settings you can manage to get in and out with the intel, and at which dungeon size/settings you get stuck as a Dragon Queen forever~

Temple Tips & Notes

  • If you’re captured as a human, the result of the transformation ritual is slightly randomized.  There’s currently a 90% chance of ending up as a Dragon Queen and a 10% chance of ending up as a regular dragon.  If you already have transformed a bit, then it’ll use that — so you could take one step of regular dragon transformation via the debug rooms, get captured, and then that’d force a regular dragon TF during the transformation scene.  (Though not written yet, I left it open so that potentially in a future update, you could end up as a drakeling or busty quadrupedal broodwhore.)
  • You can wander into the reopened dungeon as any species — for instance, as a fox.  They won’t be able to transform you and do Dragon Queen things to you, but you can still fight through the dungeon if you like.
  • If you want to really lose, you can level limit yourself to level 1 instead of level 2 via a tattoo.  The side mission system has been improved to recognize tattoos of harder difficulty.
  • Note – Revisiting Nixie isn’t possible due to Reasons, though she is referenced in the new content.  Mostly you should expect to be interacting with the guards, servants, and Valeska in this update — they will be happy to keep you company 😉

Level Limit Tattoos

The tattoo parlor now lets you choose ‘Easy’ tattoos of varying rank — so if you want to cap your level at a specific threshold, that is now possible.

Modders:  Random Text Variable

Text Variables now supports a RANDOM variable, which allows you to select a block of text randomly.

Misc & Bug fixes

  • Dragon Servant now has 9hp instead of 3hp, making it so they don’t instant-lose when fighting you pre-TF.
  • There’s a new ‘beacon’ system that makes it easier for code to find particular rooms dynamically.  It’s not yet exposed to the modding system, though.
  • Fixed:  Chapter Select – Ch 5 doesn’t complete Ch 4 content (#114)
  • Fixed:  Monster Machine crash (#118)

r46.9 (WIP) – Dragon Temple / Progress Info

Revisiting the Dragon Temple won the recent procedural vote!

I’ve made a lot of progress on this, and the procedural extension to the Dragon Temple is now mostly playable in the new WIP preview build r46.9.  It includes two new long, sexy scenes with a new dom character and other smaller assorted changes — I’ll reveal more in the official announcement once the full release is ready.

Accessing it:  *WIP* backers (not yet in Private build) can load either the r46.9 WIP build or the WIP autobuild and revisit the Dragon Temple after Chapter 4 is beat to get re-transformed and try it out.  Feel free to just chapter skip to the dino chapter then walk immediately to Dragon Temple and lose a fight.  After being recaptured, you have a 90% chance of getting turned into a dragon queen, but you might end up as a regular anthro dragon instead.

(The wip autobuild is automatically built and thus has the absolute latest changes, but might be even more unstable than the wip build is; if you’re playing autobuild, you can check the #builds channel on discord for check-in changelogs)

As usual caveat for any WIP build, it’s not fully release ready yet (after all, then it’d just be a regular private release).  There’s still some polishing/editing/tuning/additional rewriting/bug fixing and a small new feature I want to add before it’s officially done and released.  But this should be fun for people closely watching the progress on dragon queen content.  Official release to come soon…