r51 – Alpha Slugs & Become a Breeder

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r51 is now released and introduces a new enemy and a couple new features.

Alpha Slug Doms

The alphaslug is a much expanded shemale version of the original female titslug enemy. 

Much like the female titslugs, if you lose to her, she will transform you into a titslug.  The alpha slug improves on this with an expanded transformation sequence for a more sexy and detailed slug transformation. She may also try to make you into a breeder slug (or breeder frog, if you show up as a frog).  Breeder slugs(/frogs) can actually get knocked up by her, and she’ll enjoy stuffing her large cock into your breeder slug pussy and filling you up. As slugs don’t have hands, it’s difficult for her to get herself off… fortunately breeders like you are available and so she won’t hesitate to make good use of you~ 

With your growing egg-filled belly getting in the way, you’ll find breeder slugs have a more difficult time getting around than even regular slugs. But since you’ll be stuck living in the swamp with your new alpha slug mistress, you won’t have to worry too much about mobility. 😉

She comes in two varieties: hard dom and soft dom.  Both function the same, but with slight text variation to reflect a more caring or more rough attitude.

She has several scenes: defeat, player’s slug transformation, oral victory, vaginal victory, turn the player into a breeder, ownership/marking and misc actions; totaling 8,500ish words (more than all of Chapter 2 had originally!).  Her scenes also support speech limiter alternates and low/medium/high acceptance variations.

The recommended way to meet her is to Chapter Skip to Ch 7, take the swamp quest from Malory including a level limit to be levelled appropriately for the chapter, then head to the sewers and fight your way into the extended dungeon.  Once you find an alphaslug in the procedural dungeon, you can lose to her to begin her custom transformation sequence scene.  However, you can also encounter her already being a slug or frog to keep those forms.

Get Owned

Want to commit to one alphaslug in particular? Your alphaslug would love that and will try to mark you as her own.  If you let her leave her cock scent on you, it’ll signal to any other potential alphaslugs that you’re already claimed by her.

Accepting an alphaslug as your owner is optional, however, it will open up some new behavior with that particular slug.  The game will refer to her as your Mistress and she will have her own individualized (procedurally selected) name.  Other alphaslugs will recognize her scent on you and be unable to claim ownership over you (though you can still interact with the other alpha slugs as regular enemy NPCs). 

Your alphaslug will behave a bit differently than others: instead of attacking you on sight, your owner will give you a friendly greeting.  However, she’ll still make it clear she’s the Alpha, pouncing on you whenever she gets horny.  Since she gets horny from movement due to all those tits rubbing against the ground, as well as exposure to your breeder pussy scent, this will happen a fair bit.

Your owner will try to make sure you stay in either slug or frog form, as befitting your new status as one of the swamp denizens.  She’ll even follow you around to make sure you don’t leave the ‘safety’ of the swamp.  (She doesn’t protect you from the other horny denizens, rather considering you more a free public use slut she’s responsible for keeping around and has first dibs on.)

It’s fully safe to enter/leave the procedural part of the dungeon with her, as she will not be deleted out of the procedural area like regular entities are upon door closure.

Become a Breeder with Breeder Piercing / Breeder Tattoo

It’s now possible to become a breeder. 

Becoming a breeder will:

  • Give you a vagina of at least average size, if you don’t already have one.
  • Increase your breasts to least D-cup size.
  • Remove your cock, unless you are wearing another item that would typically prevent that (horseshoe, cock ring)
  • Makes you extra fertile
    • Forms that normally can get knocked up (ex: whoredra, dino, etc) have an increased chance of being knocked up.
    • Forms that normally can’t get knocked up (ex: slug, frog, etc) can now be knocked up.
    • This may increase game difficulty or get you stuck in one of the chapters, etc.  The breeder system is intended as not-main-progression/DLC, and thus getting stuck as a knocked-up breeding catgirl stripper, etc is considered a feature, not a bug 😉
  • Causes your pussy to emit breeder pheromones.  This manifests as a small amount of lust damage in nearby enemies.  The effect is relatively slight, at a maximum of 15% lust damage per enemy — however, your alpha does enjoy that scent and might decide it’s breeding time~
  • Develop milky tits during pregnancy

Become a breeder by any of the following routes:

  • Get a breeder pussy piercing from the piercing shop in Haven (cursed, but removable)
  • Get a “BREEDER” womb stamp tattoo from the tattoo shop in Haven (permanent)
  • Get a breeder womb symbol from the tattoo shop in Haven (removable via TF)
  • Or, let an Alpha Slug have sex with you vaginally to gain the womb symbol (removable via TF)

The non-permanent breeder aspects can be removed if you transform to a form with no vagina.

Note – the breeder system is currently completely unrelated to the wyvern breeder TF.  In future, I might combine the two separate systems into one so the features of both can be used (ie: teases, slow pregnancy cycle, self lust penalty). 

Other Changes

  • Egg laying as a slug now has custom flavor text to handle their unique body
  • Activities system allows enemies more flexibility in what actions they take, which the Alpha Slug has been designed to use.
    • (In future, more enemies should be able to use the same behaviors that Alpha Slug does (so could potentially see other doms that you can ask to be your Owner, etc))
  • Fix some Ch 6 bugs that didn’t prevent player leaving certain locations.  These were likely introduced by most recent update (but possibly never worked in the first place)
  • Fix bug where titslug masturbation would show unknown limbs when horny and needing to lay eggs
  • Slug TF takes one extra step longer
  • Fixed ancient Ch 2 typos
  • Begin tracking more NPC metadata like pronouns & hard/soft
  • Clean up teleport/scene logic between forced tf sequence scene / map scene
  • Hard dom / soft dom variation system for gametext / integration for alphaslug to support it
  • Entities can have different names between what’s shown in the entity list and what they refer to themselves as in dialogue

And relevant for modders:

  • Text parse tester now supports Hard Dom / Soft Dom / No Dom test setting
  • New text variables to handle NPCs, ownership status, breeder status, breast size, etc…
  • Remove formatting system to make it easier to do long strings of text IF’s
  • Various monster properties getters are now available outside the monster object

The update art for this post was created by Visorelle. The female slug alternate version is available in the r42 update post.

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