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r30 – More mod support / a couple new mods

  • Modders can now create all-fours / quadrupedal / non-bipedal transformations (like the spider or frog TFs)
    • See the getIsBipedal function to do this (and optionally these functions as well for additional/custom flavoring: checkPlayerMobile, tickMovement, getHeightDescription, getPostureDescription)
  • Modders can now create transformations with useless hands (like in the cow chapter)
  • The Wolf TF / Wolf Collar mod gives an example of both of these, transforming the player into a wolf form that has paws instead of hands
  • Dragon Disciples & Dragon Servants now only disappear in the temple (modders can use them in mod maps and they won’t disappear)
  • Minimum height via TF potion is lower when in all fours / non-bipedal mode
  • Prevent keyboard shortcuts being removed after clicking a button with mouse
  • Improved the LUA interpreter to support LUA functions calling into AS3/Game functions that then call back into LUA functions (and so on)
  • An age gate is now shown the first time you play
  • Game text now recognizes [[EYES DESCRIPTION]]

Also, have you seen Saint’s Potent Dragon Servant and Bolstered Dragon Disciple?  If you’re looking for some more Dragon Queen content, definitely try those two mods.  Saint was also a little nervous about sharing them, so if you like them, maybe say something nice to them on Discord 🙂

Update – r30.01 is now released that addresses an issue in r30 that prevented loading some save games from r29.

Update – r30.02 is now released which fixes the bug where the Naga Queen doesn’t recognize you in frog form.

May Patreon Processing Has Begun

Patreon processing has begun and will continue updating automatically over the next few days.  New backers should ensure their Patreon accounts are linked on the researcher intranet.  Note even if Patreon’s website indicates a charge to you, it can still take a couple days for their website to update the data they display to me.  Last month, most people’s access was granted on the second of the month, with others spread out on the other days of the first week of the month.

If you’re planning to unpledge on Patreon, I recommend waiting a few days for the reconciliation process to complete before you unpledge.  This is because once you unpledge, the Patreon API no longer sends any data about your purchases.

Thanks for your support!

r29 – Permanent Tattoos

Permanent Tattoos cause various effects, much like Piercings do.  However, unlike Piercings, they can never be removed.  Here are the four tattoos now available (you’ll note they mostly mirror the existing Piercings)

  • ‘Please Grope’ tattoo – On each of your breasts, ‘Please Grope’ is written in a thin arc of faintly iridescent text. You sense the tattoo will ensure you have a nick rack for others to grope by preventing it from ever decreasing in size.
  • ‘Obedient Pet’ tattoo – ‘Obedient Pet’ is written in a faintly iridescent font, surrounded by a number of symbols and glyphs in a band around your upper arm. You can sense the tattoo influencing you to be a good pet and serve the needs of your betters.
  • ‘Horny Slut’ tramp stamp – ‘Horny Slut’ is written in a faintly iridescent font on your lower back, ensuring you’ll always be horny and ready to serve.
  • ‘Free Public Use’ tattoo – ‘Free Public Use’ is written along your belly in a faintly iridescent font. You can sense the tattoo is preventing you from repelling the advances of others, in fact, you find yourself desiring them.

As these cause permanent (sometimes game-breaking) changes, it is recommended to save your game before trying these!

Tattoo & Piercing Shops now provide an in-game location to buy tattoos & piercings (outside of the debug rooms).  They’re located in the back of the bar, and most of them require you to have finished at least chapter 3 before their items will unlock.

Inventory UI has been redone based on some feedback in the discord chat channel.  It’s now divided into categories based on type of items.  This should help reduce clutter now that there’s tattoos and piercings in the inventory mix.

Additionally, piercings no longer count against your carried inventory limit.

Next up, there may be a new enemy added which applies piercings to you.  Comment below what kind of enemy would you like to see (ie: species suggestions).

r28 – Piercings and Aspects

Today’s private build update brings support for two new systems:

Piercings – A new piercing system allows you to get piercings that affect your character.

For this initial revision, they work similarly to clothing items, except you can wear more than one in a given slot. Ear piercings are unlimited, whereas nipple piercings are one per nipple (losing a row of nipples causes the accompanying piercings to drop to the ground). Nipple piercings can also cause you to become more aroused as they rub against fabric as you move (fairly small if you’ve just got one piercing, but if you’re a six breasted catgirl with a nipple ring on each one… watch out ;)).

Piercings can be found in the debug room currently, but may eventually be in a shop or dropped by certain NPCs (or maybe forced on you by certain NPCs?). Uncursed piercings can be removed by yourself, and Arya can help you to decurse piercings.

The new piercings for this update are:

  • Silver Nipple Ring – A simple piercing which doesn’t have any additional effects, aside from slightly increasing lust when it rubs against fabrics during movement (common across all nipple piercings)
  • Breast Size Only Increase – A purple metallic barbell nipple piercing, with pointy cones on either end to keep it resolutely in place on the wearer… whether they want it or not.  This piercing prevents any breast size decrease items from working as long as it is worn.  Cursed.
  • Lusty – A circular red metallic earring that keeps the player always horny.  Cursed.
  • Nonviolent – Yellow earring which prevents the player from making physical attacks against any opponent.  If you want to defeat your foes, you’ll just have to use your body to do it.  Cursed.
  • Obedient – White earring which prevents the player from making any attacks against any opponent.  You won’t be able to defeat your foes with this on, but it’s better to submit to them anyway… right?  (Essentially a soft bad end item, be careful wearing this one!)  Cursed.

Additional piercing types and locations may be available in future.  I have some ideas, but if there are any you particularly want to see, comment them!

Aspects – This is more an under-the-hood type system, but essentially allows the player to be affected by certain conditions. These could be applied temporarily by objects, or could persist indefinitely. The nice thing about this system is it allows the effects of the piercings to be separated from the piercing themselves, so in future a system could be written so you can customize what the piercings look like (or get a mystery piercing with unknown effects) and assign the effect you want to it. This also paves the way for a future tattoo system, which would function like piercings that you can never remove.

Patronage Status – Looks like most everyone who pledged on Patreon for the charge cycle on April 1 should now be set up with build access (in fact, it looked like it went through for ~90% of people on the second of the month). If you don’t have access yet, feel free to give me an e-mail at the address on the bottom of the intranet page or send me a Patreon PM.

April Patreon Processing Has Begun

Starting this month, Patreon processing works a bit differently than usual.  Historically, I’ve had to wait until everyone’s pledges finish, then import the data from Patreon.  Now this process happens automatically every thirty minutes!  This will speed things up for some users (about 25% of people have been processed so far), but if you’re one of the unlucky ones at the end of Patreon’s processing queue, it may still take up to a week.  (Note even if Patreon’s website indicates a charge to you, it can still take a couple days for their website to update the data they display to me.)

If you’re planning to unpledge on Patreon, I recommend waiting a few days for the reconciliation process to complete before you unpledge.  This is because once you unpledge, the Patreon API no longer sends any data about your purchases.

Per usual, I’ll post a message once it looks like everyone has been processed successfully, so until then sit tight (and/or hammer the refresh button on the researcher intranet ;))