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r41.4 – Demo, Mobile, Legacy, and more

A new Dragon Queen publicly transforming.
[Portrait] [Landscape (full scene)]

Release 41.4 is out, and brings forward a number of features from the Flash version into the new non-web version:

DemoTry out The Underworld without having to download Flash.  As with the old Flash version, the first three chapters are fully playable (today’s art is a scene from one of them).

As the demo hadn’t been updated in a long time, new demo users will probably notice the most changes in Haven.  Haven has NPC’s who comment on you when you’re exposed, and the trading outpost has a couple side-story scenes with Elijah.

Fullscreen – Activate in settings.

Queues – This isn’t a new feature, but it might now be visible depending on how much traffic the demo gets.  If a lot of people are playing the demo at the same time, you may have to wait in a queue.  (Previously the server would just crash / not respond if it had too much activity, so this is actually an improvement ;)).  Anyone subscribed gets priority entrance through the queues.  Ideally there’s no wait time even for demo players, so if wait queues become a common occurrence, I do plan to look into how to do proper autoscaling so no one has to wait.  But overall, a short wait is still better than all of skycorp breaking entirely as sometimes happened with new releases back in the day.

Mobile / Touch – A number of new changes make it possible to play the game on mobile devices again.  I’ve tested it in both Android Chrome + FireFox. Also, for the first time ever, this should mean you can play the game on iOS via chrome or firefox without needing a specialized flash-compatible browser.  (Take that, apple censorship! :p).

Mobile devices should be auto-prompted to rotate to landscape and enable Touch Mode:

This will allow the game to be played as usual, without even having to download anything to your phone:

As before, touch mode enables larger sized buttons and the ability to scroll the text panes by touch-dragging them.  Touch-drag is currently very slightly janky on mobile firefox, but works well on mobile chrome.  (If you’re using mobile firefox and this is important to you, please post a bug to the bug database and I’ll investigate it further in future)

Legacy mode – If you got legacy way back in the day, the web version should now work for you.

Adjustable font sizes – Modify in settings.

Name entry – Enter male & female names during the intro.


I know it’s been a while since there’s been new content, and so my plan is to put engine work on hold for a bit to make some fun new content for the game next. There’s also an awesome TF/TG art sequence that goes with it by a very talented TF artist that I’m looking forward to sharing, but have been holding until the accompanying game content is ready — so look forward to that!

After the content update, I’ll return to engine work to finish things up (ex: modding, save/load, wyvern, etc).

In the meanwhile, please do report any bugs you find!

Art at the top is by myself — please excuse the programmer art!  I’m still a beginner, but it’s fun to do art during the discord voicechats sometimes and more game art is always a good thing? 

r41.3 – Whoredra Ported + Bugfixes

Have you missed being a multi-headed draconic prostitute?  :3  The new engine has been updated with the Whoredra content ported over from the old Flash engine!  Your fellow Whoredra heads, Emerald and Violet, are eager to welcome you back~

In the process, I also fixed up Whoredra AI to be much harder to get into softlock states.  For instance, Emerald and Violet should no longer infinitely try to put on the same top if your belly is too large/pregnant to wear it.  Note — it’s still intentionally possible to get into playable Bad End states by design… Violet does love her cursed piercings, and if that means your shared body ends up unsuitable for adventuring and you’re now relegated to only whoring up Haven, well… the other heads are fine with that 😉

This update includes the following changes & bug fixes:

  • Whoredra ported over to new engine
  • Fixed bug where Public Use Tattoo was causing High Metabolism effects instead of Public Use effects
  • 74 – Added horseshoe to debug rooms
  • 32 – Fix Whoredra gets stuck in farm
  • 71 – Prevent Emerald from trying to grind mobs for money if wearing a nonviolent or obedient aspect (fixes first case #71)
  • 71 – Whoredra heads remember which items fail an equip, and won’t retry them for a while (fixes second case of #71)
  • 77 – Fix poll results not displaying
  • 76 – Fixed cookie warning
  • 33 – Fix cow transformation removes Whoredra heads
  • 31 – Whoredra will no longer attempt to wear clothes in slots that would immediately burst due to horsecock or too large belly
  • Whoredra head will not do a takeover for something that isn’t bugging them just because they’re in a bad mood because of other things

Optional Build E-Mails

If you’d like to be notified of when new builds are available (and other posts on this blog), there is now a system set up to do exactly that!

For easiest access, just login to the Researcher Intranet, and accept the prompt at the top (which will prepopulate your existing e-mail, so you don’t even have to type it in again).  Or, you can also access the system directly here, including if you don’t otherwise have an account.

Tip:  It is recommended to also add to any safe sender list or set up a gmail filter to allow messages from it, to ensure messages aren’t accidentally routed to your spam folder.  Here is a page with instructions on how to do this for various platforms.

r41.01 – New Engine Released to Private

The new (non-Flash) engine discussed in the last post is now released to all active game subscribers!

With this new engine, you don’t need to download Flash.  The game is now playable inside a desktop web browser with no additional dependencies.  See the last post for details on what content is available in the new engine so far.  Please do report bugs affecting Ch 1~6 content, as that’s all expected to work now.

  • The map bug affecting r41 WIP should now be resolved.
  • New servers have been deployed for European and Australian regions.
  • Some misc backend improvements.