Whoredra Transformation (r38 Hydra Update)

You had seen the town whore around Haven plenty of times.  A two-headed pink-scaled hydra, she had been affectionately named The Whoredra by Haven’s populace.  When you decide to give her a go, you get more than you bargained for when her pimp, Anica, offers a free fuck in exchange for working off the debt.  Anica merges you into the Whoredra’s body, making you into the third head of her whore.  You’re trapped in the body of a huge-titted, fat-assed draconic prostitute, and you have to share it with two other horny heads!

Your new pimp, a dominant shemale antho shark, is eager to work you hard.  Getting you addicted to her cum, she’ll make you earn her some cash if you want to taste that delicious cock of hers.  Even if you manage to resist the strong temptation, the other two heads (Violet & Emerald) have different ideas and will frequently take control of your body to fulfill their own needs and desires.  Violet’s exhibitionism fetish and Emerald’s oviposition fetish will keep you a lusty mess most of the time, though the townfolk are used to seeing a deliriously needy Whoredra roaming the streets and will enjoy the show.  And with all three of you craving Anica’s cum, don’t be surprised if you end up crawling back to your new pimp, begging to taste her cock again and again.

Of course, you’re stuck in the body of someone who has been the town whore for years, so don’t expect the townspeople to treat you with much respect.  Even if you choose a different profession, they’ll still treat you like a cheap slut and the other two heads will only encourage them.  Your long time customers will grope and tease you, encouraging you to sell yourself to them — and sometimes the other heads will make you play with your body too.  An effeminate anthro bunny in the back alley will seek those flexible hydra tongues on his cocks, while a dominatrix panda will help get you nicely attired in an appropriately slutty and revealing harness. In the rowdy bar, a group of shady characters will hire the whoredra any chance they get, gang banging you in front of the entire bar.

Most of the town doesn’t really understand there’s three personalities inside the hydra, instead viewing you as just one needy, multiheaded slut.  It doesn’t help that you look and sound the same as the other two heads, and can’t even remember your real name from before Anica changed you.  You have a new, simpler, sexier name now, though most of your customers don’t bother to learn it.

The Whoredra also has long-standing relationships with some of the townspeople, so don’t be surprised when you stumble into the middle of their longstanding love triangle with Nova, the resident (kind of wannabe) alpha wolf who has fallen in love with the Whoredra.  Will you settle down with the shemale wolf, or push her away?

Your two new heads, Emerald and Violet, are affectionate partners.  They’ll shower you with love most of the time, but sometimes you’ll fight amongst yourselves.  It’s up to you to keep everyone happy by fulfilling their desires so you can stay in control… most of the time.  Learn their interests and keep them fulfilled to stay on top.  Or they’ll be happy to wrest control from you and do as they please.  Sometimes it’s a minor inconvenience, and sometimes results in permanent effects, such as in the case of Violet’s love for piercings and tattoos.  It’s her body too, and if you don’t keep her happy, she’ll decorate it as she sees fit.

The hydra is initially in a draconic form, something Emerald loves thanks to the propensity to end up with a huge egg-filled belly.  However, with your arrival, the hydra might end up in any number of multiheaded forms depending on what transformations you embark on.  You might simply remain draconic, or switch to a three headed foxgirl or even become a three headed, limbless sluggirl — the hydra heads will travel with you regardless of form you take.

Will you give into a life of whoring?  Or fight the lusty needs of the two other heads?  Challenge your new pimp and deliver sweet revenge to her, or submit to your new life and become the town whore, or even do both!  With 26,000+ new words, a host of new characters to meet and several new gameplay systems, the Hydra DLC update is now available to all active subscribers.

Non-pregnant Whoredra – 1920px or max res

Pregnant Whoredra – 1920px or max res

Chapter update art by the lovely Ghostbun.

Update Notes

The hydra DLC content is available exclusively to active subscribers at no additional charge beyond your existing subscription.  You can get it in the usual place (researcher intranet).  As with the Wyvern Male, it will not be released later to demo or legacy players.

However, there are some general purpose changes for everyone to enjoy:

  • Laying eggs will now lay actual egg objects in the world.  These can be eaten for HP recovery, and like slime, will eventually be cleaned up automatically.
  • Names can now be overridden for certain events.  This takes place with the hydra content, but also now takes place in the stripclub chapter.
  • New NPCs in Haven will comment on you if you’re naked, and may even grope you!  This will increase lust.
  • New text variable substitutions are available to modders to hook into the nakedness checks, as well as pass an arbitrary parameter field (this second bit isn’t yet available to modders, but if you want it, let me know!)
  • Prevent player from equipping tail clothing if they don’t have a tail.
  • All chapter selects now start as male because I am a huge mtf transformation slut.
  • Items can now silently check if they can be picked up or dropped without actually doing so (this change needs to be reflected into the entity mod API in future (#18, make a comment there if you need it for something you’re working on))
  • Clothing items can now be flagged as non-concealing, which means that they don’t hide transformations and contribute to nakedness.

Here are some note on the hydra content specifically:

  • The simplest and best way to start the hydra content is to use the Hydra DLC button in chapter select.
  • The login system has changed a bit, and you may have some stored out of date info if you’re a long time player (or have just now subscribed).  If you get a prompt that states you are not an active subscriber, then follow these steps:
    • First verify you are an active subscriber via the researcher intranet.
      • If you are an active subscriber, you should not see any legacy user message, and you should have game download links.
      • If you only just now signed up, remember BMT is (usually) instant, whereas Patreon does not take place until the first of the month (see FAQ for details).
    • Then in-game, go to the save or load screens and press the logout button.
    • Then log back in.
  • If you’re a legacy user who only wants to back for a month to play hydra and then unback: that’s no problem, just be sure to save to a different save file.
    • If you are a legacy user, become a hydra, save, then unback, you won’t be able to reload your hydra save until you reback.
    • This only affects hydra content — if you don’t become a hydra, it won’t affect your savefile.
    • So feel free to check out hydra, just save to a separate savefile from your regular game.
    • (Besides, it’s a good idea for all users to save hydra to a different savefile anyway due to the playable bad end included (see below))
  • This DLC is a change of pace from usual.  This puzzle is (hopefully) much simpler than Chapter 7!
  • New clothing items:
    • Harem outfit – unlike regular clothing, doesn’t provide any concealment — you’ll be fully exposed while wearing them.
    • Gold chains & bands – also doesn’t provide any concealment
  • Playable bad end – I don’t want to spoil too much, but depending on what actions you take (or the other heads take for you), it is definitely possible to get yourself into a spot where you’re forever stuck as a lusty whoredra.  This was originally a bug, but I found it unreasonably hot so it’s now a feature.  Enjoy :3
    • As mentioned, please save to a different savefile in case you get stuck and haven’t realized it yet!  There’s an in-game warning about this as well before you start the hydra transformation.
  • The hydra transformation theoretically works with all other transformations in-game.  This hasn’t been exhaustively tested, but I did try to make it fully compatible with both of the swamp TFs (frog + slug) as well as fox.  It should work with most all TFs/species though, including user mod TFs.

Whew!  That should about wrap everything up for The Whoredra.  Due to her unique gameplay, it was a much larger amount of work to bring her to life than I originally planned.  But given how heavily hydra TF was voted for in the poll, I really wanted to make it special.  I’ve personally enjoyed playing as her during the past months of development, writing, and testing.  I very much hope you enjoy playing as her, too!

9 thoughts on “Whoredra Transformation (r38 Hydra Update)

  1. I have a question about the hydra content, the wyverness content, and any species that can lay eggs in the game. How come there isn’t a mechanic where the eggs hatch? I know child raising probably isn’t a concept people want to see in the game, but picture this:
    After the eggs get cleaned up, the player meets one of their hatched offspring as an NPC in either the main Underworld Area or a DLC Area. Their daughter has rapidly grown up into a 25 year old body within a few days time thanks to the bizarre nature of the virus. The daughter identifies its mommy by scent and through your interactions with her lovingly encourages you to submit to your new sexy instincts and remain transformed forever.

    I know the mechanics would take a while to put in especially with each species type, but player interaction with your own cheerful mutant child is just the kind of unique and crazy content that I would pay money for. What do you think Skycorp?

    • Sorry, forgot to add in: There doesn’t need to be any incest in this suggested content, in case anyone was worried about that. Let the players decide what they’d like to see in their play through.

    • The main reason is simply that I love my eggs inert / unfertilized. I don’t have any interest to write incest content as it doesn’t happen to be one of my fetishes. No judgements on people who like it, just my own personal preference is all 🙂

      As an aside: with the number of eggs the player lays, if the eggs weren’t inert, the player would soon have an army hehe 😛

      • Ah, I see. Thank you for answering my question. I wouldn’t classify the idea I had as incest but I could understand the confusion, which is why I thought to clarify that in my second comment. But either way, if you want the eggs to stay inert, then that makes sense.

        I doubt you’re going to give anyone spoilers on upcoming future transformations. So instead I would like to ask, are any older or newer transformations going to get an instinct system like the Wyverness TF?

        • There’s a chapter outline plan in an ancient blog post, but that doesn’t really hint at the DLCs and other non-chapter content. The instinct system I would love to bring back, it’d fit especially well with a drone TF I think :3 Or in general, making it a general purpose option (perhaps via an aspect piercing or item) would also be really fun!

          • Interesting, I’ll have to hunt down that chapter outline. A drone TF sounds really cool; would that be like a Honey Bee TF or something? General purpose option for all species would probably take a lot of work, but yeah it also sounds really fun. Thank you again for answering my question.

          • For sure 🙂 I was thinking like robot sex drone. Bees can be cute, but that’d be something different.

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