Chapter Previews

Warning: this page contains light spoilers.

Chapter 1: First Transformation

You’re an average person working in the city of Mulberry, clocking time at your job at SkyCorp.  One evening, you’re surprised to get a booty call from your ex.  When you meet up with them, you find out they are packing a surprise — they’ve recently grown a chest of fur!  This marks them as one of The Changed.  You threaten to report your ex to the authorities, which would have them dragged to The Underworld (a massive underground labyrinth which SkyCorp operates as a forced relocation zone for The Changed).

Your ex goes on the offensive, and slips a cursed fox pendant around your neck.  Now you’re the one changing!  As you transform, will you be able to hide your new form, or even find a way back to human?

Approximately 3,000 words.

Chapter Content:  Foxgirls, Anthro Fox TF, Town of Mulberry, Town of Haven

Chapter 2: The Swamp

Your new friend Nixie, the anthro dragoness treasure hunter, makes promises of vast ancient treasure ripe for the taking.  Wandering through town, you imagine all the things you could do with all that gold.  You find yourself outside her home in The Underworld, ready to seek out a fortune.

Your adventure will take you to The Swamp, where you’ll have to be on your toes if you don’t want to become a resident yourself.  This dungeon is controlled by the Naga Queen, who transforms her victims into the denizens of the swamp.  The Slug Girls here have been forced to grow additional row after row of breasts and watch on as their arms and limbs become reabsorbed by their body.  With no limbs, their only recourse is to uncomfortably inch along the swamp floor on their rows of sensitive breasts.  But it’s not all bad, despite their inconvenient forms, the denizens of the swamp have become quite adept at pleasuring one another… and are always eager to welcome a new member should you fail in your quest…

Approximately 7,700 words with a new 14 room dungeon.

Chapter Content:  Frog Girls, Slug Girls, Naga Queen, Swamp Dungeon, Slug Girl/Herm TF

Chapter 3: The Dragon Temple

Having braved the swamp, you’ve managed to find the Dragon Box artifact Nixie requested.  You’ve returned to outside her home, where you’re just about to turn over the artifact to her and find out just how you’re going to raid the Dragon Temple…

Nixie tells you that you’ll both need to be dragons in order to gain access to the temple and even convinces you to wear a collar to temporarily transform into an anthro dragon yourself.  What she doesn’t tell you up-front is that the collar was previously worn by the last Dragon Queen.

It’s too late to turn back now as the collar latches fast to your neck and begins changing you.  She sends you on a side-mission to stay undercover in the human city of Mulberry for as long as you can.  But as you slowly transform into an egg-making factory… that’s going to be difficult.  Once you’ve settled into your new body, it’s off to raid the Dragon Temple itself — no easy feat while you’re preoccupied with tending to your new Dragon Queen needs.

Approximately 6,000 words long with 13 new rooms to explore.

Chapter Content:  Dragon Temple Dungeon, Anthro Dragon Girls/Herms/Men, Anthro Dragon Queen TF, Oviposition, Inflation

Chapter 4: Cowgirl Farm

As you’re leaving the Dragon Temple, you realize that even though you’re no longer a Dragon Queen, you’re still stuck in The Underworld due to your unhideable dragon wings and tail.  A shadowy figure appears and claims to have a solution.  Who are the VCiV organization, and what do they want?

Soon you’re off to infiltrate The Farm, a new dungeon filled with Anthro Cowgirls.  But the resident minotaur overseeing the farm has his own plans, and you end up getting trapped there yourself — you are transformed into a cowgirl, complete with massive breasts and a heaving udder.  As you explore the farm as its newest member, your body will constantly produce prodigious quantities of milk.  Due to your new hoof hands, you’ll be forced to seek out others who can milk you, all while trying to find an escape route and defending yourself from the other lustful cowgirls and the part-horse farm hands.  Will you be able to escape the farm, or will you succumb to the pleasures of your milky new life?

Along the way, you’ll learn a bit about SkyCorp’s shadowy past and meet seven new characters.  This is by far the largest chapter yet, with more than 10,000 words and multiple scripted sequences.  If you’ve played before, the new Chapter Skip feature lets you get right to the new content.  Two different endings are available as you escape the farm, which will affect your standings with SkyCorp or VCiV in future events.

Chapter Content:  Farm Dungeon, Minotaur (Male), Anthro Cowgirls, Anthro Horsemen, Anthro Cowgirl TF, Lactation

Chapter 5: The Pound

In this chapter, you’re sent by VCiV to infiltrate a strip club. Unfortunately, the only way in is to become a stripper yourself, and you’ll need to be a convincing one in order to find and neutralize your target. The problem? Most of the people who work here quickly end up becoming catgirls. Will you be able to finish your mission, or will you become a permanent employee at the club?

You’ll also learn a few new bits of one of your favorite character’s back story and have your first glimpse of a whole new mysterious faction vying for power in The Underworld.

Includes over 12,000 words and 50 new rooms to explore along with multibreasted catgirl transformation.  It’s not going to be easy getting out of here when you’re in heat!  Maybe you should tend to the customers instead…

Chapter Content:  Kennel Dungeon, Anthro Catgirls, Anthro Dogherms, Anthro Catgirl/Catherm TF, Heat, Multibreast, Stripclub

Chapter 6: Dinoian Desert

At the conclusion of chapter five, you incapacitated Thornton by transforming him into a catgirl, leaving him trapped to work in Mulberry’s strip club while you steal his identity.  You’re now able to sneak into his convoy, which will allow you to cross the vast underground desert to scout out SkyCorp’s research laboratories for the rival faction, VCiV.

What should have been an easy ride across the desert turns out to be much more than you bargained for.  The convoy rides on specialized creatures that are genetically engineered to withstand the tough conditions of the desert.  These dinoians could best be described as a distant anthropomorphic cousin of a velociraptor, or perhaps some sort of wingless riding dragon.  One of them, Hanako, is planning her prison break, and you haplessly stumble into her plans.

Soon she’s stealing your identity.  She forces you to wear her old leather bindings, transforming you into a dinoian that looks just like she used to.  She had unintentionally acquired the reputation of convoy slut, and now that you have her identity, she intends to make sure you live up to her old behaviors so as to not be suspicious.  Every time you disobey her, she increases the size of your cleavage, making you hornier as you’re forced to expose your nearly-naked body to the world as she rides you.  To make matters worse, thanks to your monstrously large dinoian vagina, you won’t derive any joy from copulating with humans — so your body will work against you to force yourself to mate with your fellow beasts.  But they’re in a similar predicament, former humans trapped in lusty bodies that have no choice but to serve their riders and their base desires.

Try as you might, dinoians are forbidden from speaking thanks to their vocal cords which can only make animalistic noises.  Though you desperately want to explain your situation, no one can understand you.  Even removing the bindings themselves is impossible as they self-replicate to ensure you can never be freed.  Stick around long enough, you’ll start to enjoy serving your rider.  You may even begin to enjoy being tied up with your wrists bound, further restricting your opportunities for escaping this life.

Will you succumb to your dinoian need to be filled up and lay clutch after clutch of eggs?  Or will you find a way to escape your fate and complete the mission?

Backstory is revealed about the history of The Underworld, along with the factions that vie for power inside it.  Three endings, one for each faction, are available — each with their own puzzles to complete.  Can you find all three?

Clocking in at a massive 30,000 words, this chapter is nearly three times as long any that has come before!

Chapter Content:  Anthro Velociraptor TG/TF, Get ridden, Oviposition, Bondage, Inflation

Additional Chapters

To be released in future…

Misc. Content

  • Height transformation
  • Weight transformation
  • Gender transformation
  • Hermaphrodite transformation
  • Forced cross-dressing
  • Forced transformation items
  • Catgirl TF
  • Cow TF
  • Dinoian TF
  • Dragon Queen TF
  • Dragon TF
  • Elephant TF
  • Fox TF
  • Frog TF
  • Horse TF
  • Panda TF
  • Sluggirl TF
  • Spider TF
  • Tiger TF
  • Turkey TF
  • Wolf TF
  • Monstergirl Transformation
  • Anthro Transformation
  • Heat
  • Oviposition / Egg Laying
  • Lactation / Milking
  • Visibility / Exposure of TF’ed body parts simulation
  • Piercings & Tattoos that affect the player
  • Ride NPCs and let NPCs ride you
  • An immersive story with a wide cast of characters
  • Not an exhaustive list — tons more content, including player created mods