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[Note – modding is temporarily unavailable while the modding system is being ported over to the new engine, but is planned to be reintroduced soon]

The Underworld can be modded by researchers to create custom Monsters, Entities, Clothes, Transformations, and Maps.

To learn how to create your own modification, visit the wiki.

MonsterWolf GirlAlkinslice
TransformationCrotchHugger (Species)Chickenpie32
ClothingCrotchHugger (Entity)Chickenpie32
MonsterCrotchHugger (Monster)Chickenpie32
EntityUpdated Version of the transformative Entitiyjfmherokiller
MonsterBolstered Dragon DiscipleSaintHF
ClothingSolar Earrings (Debug Tool)AuroVee
ClothingHeart Earrings [Difficulty Modifier]AuroVee
EntityPower Gem (Debug Tool)AuroVee
MonsterWyvern MaleSkyCorp
MonsterSample: Monster Advanced ExampleSkyCorp
EntitySample: RadioSkyCorp
EntitySample: Radio RemoteSkyCorp
EntitySample: One Way Door Check (Door)SkyCorp
MapSample: One Way Door Check (Map)SkyCorp
EntitySample: Monster MachineSkyCorp
MapSpider DungeonSkyCorp
MonsterMale SpiderSkyCorp
MonsterPotent Dragon ServantSaintHF
ClothingWolf CollarSkyCorp
SpeciesWolf SpeciesSkyCorp
ClothingPalm Leaf PendantSkyCorp
SpeciesGiraffe SpeciesSkyCorp
MapSample: Simple MapSkyCorp
ClothingPorker PendantLuxious
MonsterPig KingLuxious
SpeciesPig SpeciesLuxious
ClothingWeight PendantSkyCorp
EntityDick Size IncreaserSkyCorp
EntitySample: Vending MachineSkyCorp
EntitySample: SodaSkyCorp
EntitySample: Pants EnthusiastSkyCorp
ClothingSample: SlacksSkyCorp
ClothingSample: Holiday SweaterSkyCorp
EntitySample: GPSSkyCorp
EntitySample: Player LocationSkyCorp
EntitySample: OOP TestSkyCorp

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