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The Underworld can be modded by researchers to create custom Monsters, Entities, Clothes, Transformations, and Maps.

To learn how to create your own modification, visit the wiki.

EntitySample: Monster MachineSkyCorp
MapSpider DungeonSkyCorp
MonsterMale SpiderSkyCorp
MonsterPotent Dragon ServantSaintHF
ClothingWolf CollarSkyCorp
SpeciesWolf SpeciesSkyCorp
ClothingPalm Leaf PendantSkyCorp
SpeciesGiraffe SpeciesSkyCorp
MonsterBolstered Dragon DiscipleSaintHF
MapSample: Simple MapSkyCorp
ClothingPorker PendantLuxious
MonsterPig KingLuxious
SpeciesPig SpeciesLuxious
ClothingWeight PendantSkyCorp
EntityDick Size IncreaserSkyCorp
EntitySample: Vending MachineSkyCorp
EntitySample: SodaSkyCorp
EntitySample: Pants EnthusiastSkyCorp
ClothingSample: SlacksSkyCorp
ClothingSample: Holiday SweaterSkyCorp
EntitySample: GPSSkyCorp
EntitySample: Player LocationSkyCorp
EntitySample: OOP TestSkyCorp

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