Sample: One Way Door Check (Door)

A Entity mod for The Underworld.

Created by SkyCorp

This entity demonstrates how you could prevent the player from moving based on custom LUA code. Here, we have a one-way door, which prevents the player from entering the building from the outside, but otherwise allows them to leave the building or move in any other direction.

It is implemented as an invisible object outside the building, which checks moves as the player moves them. If they attempt to move into the building, the move is rejected.

When testing this, add the JSON for both the door and the map, then teleport to the map using the newly created map teleport object.


  • Install the Map so the door can be placed.

Requires at least version: 35.00

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Created: 2018-12-27 23:12:37. Last updated: 2018-12-27 23:15:54

To install this mod, visit the Debug Monster Control Panel in the Debug Rooms in-game and browse to this mod using its interface.

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