Interested in making SkyCorp Global / Underworld themed artwork?

Make Official Art (Paid)

I’m always looking to meet more artists who are interested in contributing chapter cover art and other game artwork assets.

If you are an artist who would like to create official game artwork, please fill out this form!  (I will be leaving this open on an ongoing basis and have e-mail notifications turned on for it.)

Make Fan Art / Fan Art Policy

You are very much welcome to create non-commercial Fan Art!

Reference Materials

Feel free to contact me before starting — in addition to the in-game descriptions, I have additional references and bio’s for many of the characters and locations that I may be able to share with you.


It’s not strictly required, however, I would also like to request that somewhere small on the image (like in a footer or somewhere):

  • Indicate that it is fan artwork
  • Indicate it is based on the nsfw transformation game The Underworld
  • Link back to this website (https://SkyCorp.Global)
  • (Of course, feel free to include also your own name & website, etc)

Example fan art with these attributes: Vladi, Cynneste, Succubun

If you don’t feel like messing with this, feel free to send it to me and I can help!

Non-commercial Use Policy & Legal Info

Here’s a breakdown of what kind of activities are allowed, and what would need additional discussion:

  • Yes – Creating your own fan art and posting it to your FurAffinity, Twitter, etc. (Non-commercial and freely distributed fan artwork)
  • Yes – Commissioning an artist (Paid) with SkyCorp Global canon characters or universe and then posting the result on FA, Twitter, etc (Paid artwork, but freely distributed)
  • Requires Approval – Creating artwork and posting it to a Patreon or other monetized service (Monetized distribution)

In general, the spirit is that if it’s art everyone gets to enjoy at the same quality level and release time, it’s ok — but if it’s monetized to the public, please contact me first.

FYI Fan Art is governed under the User Generated Content License (which also covers mods).  (This is how I am allowed to display fan creations on the website or put it in-game.)

Share it with the SkyCorp Community

Don’t forget to let me know once you’ve finished your fan art!  I recommend you post it in our Discord #Art channel, tag me (Skye), and specifically state that it’s Underworld Fan Art so I don’t miss it.  (Direct e-mail also works if you’re shy.)  If I like it, I may include it in the research blog with your artist name and a link back to your art site.

Share it Outside the Community

You are quite welcome to post the art to your own social media channels (FA, twitter, etc).

Please note in your post description that the characters are from The Underworld by SkyCorp Global, and include a link back to this website at https://SkyCorp.Global

Licensing Note

Please DO NOT claim you own the original characters or attempt to place them under an open source license.  It is not permitted to relicense our characters in any way, shape, or form.  We retain full rights to our game characters.


Thanks for your interest in creating Underworld artwork, and I hope to see your creative endeavors!