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There are different editions of The Underworld:

Demo (Public Builds)

Nixie’s Story is a free, hour long adventure with a complete, self-contained story arc.  Explore Mulberry, get transformed, discover The Underworld, conquer The Swamp dungeon, become a Dragon Queen, lay some eggs, and raid the Dragon Temple.

(Story-wise, this corresponds to the first three chapters of the full game.)

This is a fully stand-alone adventure inside The Underworld.

Try the new web (non-Flash) version currently in development:  [play in browser]

Old flash based version below  (See install tips below for both SWF and APK):
r30.03 Desktop SWF [download] [play in browser]
r30.03 Android APK [download]
Looking for iOS?
Mirrors also available on e621 & FurAffinity.

SWF/Flash Install Tips:

  • If you don’t already have Flash for your browser, you can install it here (Adobe killed the browser plugin, so until I finish the port, please use Flash Player Projector download below)
  • If Flash is no longer supported by your browser, you can download the SWF above and the “Flash Player Projector” for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
    • Note it’s not the obvious ‘get the latest version’ link, you have to scroll down and find ‘Flash Player Projector’ in the list that matches your system.
    • Once downloaded, use windows explorer to drag the SWF onto the projector (or launch the projector and do File->Open and open the SWF).

Android Install Tips:

  • You don’t need to install Flash if using the Android APK.
  • You will need to enable third party app support on your phone.  See this article for some tips on that.
  • If downloading via Chrome:
    • Hold tap the APK download link and select ‘Download Link.’
    • From the downloads menu in your browser, tap the downloaded APK file and then Install.
    • If you encounter problems, see the FAQ for alternate install method suggestions.

Full Game (Private Builds)

Support SkyCorp Global by becoming a SkyCorp Researcher.  Join the Private Build program today!

Private Builds contain exclusive content that will never be available in the public build, including additional story chapters and modding.