About the Builds

There are different editions of The Underworld:

Demo (Public Builds)

Nixie’s Story is a free, hour long adventure with a complete, self-contained story arc.  Explore Mulberry, get transformed, discover The Underworld, conquer The Swamp dungeon, become a Dragon Queen, lay some eggs, and raid the Dragon Temple.

(Story-wise, this corresponds to the first three chapters of the full game.)

This is a fully stand-alone adventure inside The Underworld.

Access now:  [play demo in browser]

(Alternatively, you can install the APK/PWA.)

Full Game (Private Builds)

Support SkyCorp Global by becoming a SkyCorp Researcher.  Join the Private Build program today!

Private Builds contain exclusive content that will never be available in the public build, including additional story chapters and modding.

(If you’re already a researcher, login to the Researcher Intranet using the menu link on the left)