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There are three different editions of The Underworld:

Demo (Public Builds)

Nixie’s Story is a free, hour long adventure with a complete, self-contained story arc.  Explore Mulberry, get transformed, discover The Underworld, conquer The Swamp dungeon, become a Dragon Queen, lay some eggs, and raid the Dragon Temple.

(Story-wise, this corresponds to the first three chapters of the full game.)

This is a fully stand-alone adventure inside The Underworld.

Play Latest Public Build – updated occasionally.  See install tips below for both SWF and APK.
r30.03 Desktop SWF [download] [play in browser]
r30.03 Android APK [download]
Looking for iOS?

SWF/Flash Install Tips:

  • If you don’t already have Flash for your browser, you can install it here.
  • If Flash is no longer supported by your browser, you can download the SWF above and the “Flash Player Projector” for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
    • Note it’s not the obvious ‘get the latest version’ link, you have to scroll down and find ‘Flash Player Projector’ in the list that matches your system.
    • Once downloaded, use windows explorer to drag the SWF onto the projector (or launch the projector and do File->Open and open the SWF).

Android Install Tips:

  • You don’t need to install Flash if using the Android APK.
  • You will need to enable third party app support on your phone.  See this article for some tips on that.
  • If downloading via Chrome:
    • Hold tap the APK download link and select ‘Download Link.’
    • From the downloads menu in your browser, tap the downloaded APK file and then Install.
    • If you encounter problems, see the FAQ for alternate install method suggestions.

Full Game (Private Builds)

Support SkyCorp Global by becoming a SkyCorp Researcher.  Join the Private Build program today!

Private Builds contain exclusive content that will never be available in the public build.  Private builds include access to:

  • Additional story chapters only ever available in the full game (including chapters about becoming a milky cowgirl, a stripper catgirl, and a rideable egg-laying dino!). These exclusive chapters include their own new transformations, dungeons, and enemies. There is already a full novel’s worth of content written in these chapters, with more planned on the way.
  • Debug Character Customization Rooms – Instantly level up your character, immediately get plot objects (ie dragon collar, sewer pass, etc), use character transformation items to customize character.
  • Debug Skip – Skip intro text and start with a character who has no tf items (blank slate character).
  • Monster Mods – Create your own monsters to fight using a simple, no-code-required editor.
  • Item Mods – Create items with new functionality powered by custom LUA code.
  • Clothing Mods – Create your own wearable items.  Curses optional.
  • Transformation Mods – Create your own species to be transformed into.
  • Map Mods – Create your own dungeons and game levels using a visual editor.  Set up rooms and place NPCs and monsters exactly where you like them.

Private Build access is a $9.99 USD/month subscription: Subscribe Now to support ongoing development of the game and always have the latest new content and features.  We currently support payment via Credit/Debit Card (via BMT Micro) or Paypal (via Patreon).

Please note that credit card transaction processing is securely performed by an external online store, BMT Micro, a trusted name in e-commerce since 1992.  SkyCorp will not receive or have access to your credit card number.  The charge will appear on your credit card as:  “INFO.BMTMICRO.COM 910-792-9100 NC”

If you don’t have a credit card and live in the USA, you can buy prepaid mastercard/visa gift cards from many retail shops (Target, Walmart, gas stations, etc).  These can be bought with cash and work online like a debit card (check instructions included with the card — you may have to go to the card’s website to enable online purchases).  (Note — Patreon no longer supports prepaid cards)

Private Build Access / Employee Intranet [login]

Private WIP Builds

For the extra adventurous, private WIP builds are available to high tier backers on Patreon or BMT who are comfortable experiencing content that is not yet complete.

These are work-in-progress builds made in between private builds.  For instance, they might show a chapter with only the first part of the chapter content.  Saving may or may not be disabled for these builds, and they are not as well tested generally.  They will contain sections of untested content, limited/missing instructions, empty rooms, broken text, or halting bugs.

Everything in the WIP builds will later be included in regular Private Build releases.