Q: How do I get past <X> part of the game?
A: Check out the Wiki for some basic walkthroughs.  You can also try searching through the Discord chat‘s history for hints.

Q: In chapter 6, Hanako seems to get stuck in the desert, ultimately resulting in a situation where only ‘inventory’ and ‘wait’ buttons are available.
A: This rare bug seems to be a strange quirk of some flash versions.  Make sure you are on the latest version, and if you still get it, try switching between playing in web browser or playing via flash player projector (one OSX user resolved this by playing in Safari instead of standalone player, and another user managed to resolve this by updating their flash player).  This should no longer happen in the new engine.


Q: I used Patreon to pay for the full game purchase but haven’t been able to find it/download it.
A: Patreon works on a monthly cycle, charging cards on the first few days of the month. Pledges aren’t actually real until the first, when cards begin to get charged — before then you’re free to change or adjust it.  Patreon advises it “usually takes a full 72 hours for all payments to process.”  Patreon then provides the data to us — usually within 24 hours after the charge has been completed.

In summary, account activation should be complete within a week of the 1st of the month.

To avoid delays during account activation, please ensure your account is linked to Patron in the employee intranet.

If you just now pledged and the month isn’t over yet, you can either wait until the first at which point your access will be granted within the first few days of the new month after your card is successfully charged, or you can cancel your Patreon pledge and use the BMT Micro instant purchase option on the site.

Finally – there can be issues if you pledged, got a successful charge on the first of the month, but then unpledged within the first few days of the month.  In this case, the script may not see your pledge for that month. If you plan to unpledge, I recommend waiting a few days and doing so after pledges for the month have been updated on the site.

Q: Do you accept paypal?
A: Yes, we now support paypal payment via Patreon. Check it out here.  We are unfortunately unable to accept paypal via BMT at this time.

Q: I purchased via BMT and my account didn’t activate.
A: This happens very rarely when users change the username field on the BMT purchase page to something that isn’t their skycorp username.  Please contact me in order to resolve this and I will fix your account ASAP (my e-mail address is listed at the researcher intranet under the ‘support’ heading)

Q: My credit card gets declined on BMT.
A: Usually a decline happens when the purchaser information entered on BMT’s site doesn’t exactly match what your bank/visa has on file OR if your card’s fraud detection flags it as a suspicious transaction.

  • In this situation, I would first recommend you contact your bank/card company to allow purchases from BMT Micro.  The number to call should be on the back of the card and it usually takes just a minute to do.
  • If your bank has confirmed they are allowing the transaction, but it’s still failing, please try contacting BMT Micro support to see if they’re able to recommend anything — previously when other players have contacted BMT, they’ve found their support to be great and very fast, so please give it a try if you have purchase problems.
  • Failing that, you could try another payment method, such as a prepaid debit gift card (you can pick one up at a local store and it should work via BMT) or BitCoin (get from from a local seller or via an online exchange like coinbase; only supported for annual memberships).
  • Paypal via Patreon is also an option (you will have to set it up now and wait for the first of the month for it to process though).

Q: I tried to do the purchase. but after I put in all my info and hit bought it said there was an error due to a duplicate submission. Yet this was the first time I was purchasing this.
A: I’ve only seen this issue once.  Are you running any unusual browser or browser scripts? I would recommend you disable any browser plugins such as ad block or noscript, clear browser cookies, and try again using Chrome or Firefox.

Q: I am an active subscriber but the game is saying that I am not.
A: While in-game, please try logging out (via the load or save menu) and logging back in.  Failing that, Android users can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

If that still does not resolve it, please ensure that the researcher intranet page is showing that you are an active subscriber (ie, it does not display a message about Legacy account, and provide download links).  Reminder that while BMT is (usually) instant, just backing on Patreon in the middle of the month does not take effect until the following 1st of the month — please see the other answer above for details.

Q:  I am buying via credit card on BMT Micro.  How will the transaction appear on my billing statement?
A:  The charge will appear on your credit card as: “INFO.BMTMICRO.COM 910-792-9100 NC”.

Q:  I am concerned about giving out my credit card number online.
A:  Credit card transaction processing is securely performed by an external online store, BMT Micro, a trusted name in e-commerce since 1992. SkyCorp will not receive or have access to your credit card number.

Q:  Is it possible to buy a gift subscription for a friend?
A: Yes, via the BMT payment method (Patreon does not yet support gifting).  The BMT payment page is actually a standalone storefront that can be used with any SkyCorp account, no linking required.

To do this:

  1. Your friend should navigate to the BMT order page linked from the SkyCorp Intranet as usual.
  2. Your friend should then copy the BMT store url (it will include their SkyCorp username) and send it to you (ex: secure.bmtmicro.com/…).
  3. Then in that order form, you enter your payment method and your own e-mail address and submit it.
    • (Using your own e-mail address in the order form will allow you to later cancel the subscription via BMT’s customer website.  A link to this will be e-mailed to you as part of the purchase receipt.)
    • Before submitting the form, double check your friend’s SkyCorp username is shown correctly on the order form (this is how the order is credited to an account).


(The following is for the old Flash version)

Q:  I cant seem to download the build. I’m receiving the error Skycorp.global did not send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
A:  Although Chrome works in my tests, this user was able to resolve the issue by using firefox instead of chrome.


Q: Is there an iOS version?
A: Yes, the new engine should run in mobile safari.  I don’t have an iPhone to test with, though.


(The following answers were for the old Flash version and is now outdated)

Q: Do you provide APKs of the paid versions as new updates get released? or is that just for SWFs?
A: Yes, you should have access to those from the same location as the SWF download on the researcher intranet.

Q:  I can’t install on Android / Chrome says “could not open file”
A:  Chrome has a (probably intentional) bug where it refuses to install APKs it downloads.  You can either use firefox instead of chrome, or, use chrome to do the download and a utility like Total Commander to find the downloaded APK and install it.

Q:  How do I install the game on my Android phone?
A:  Here is a good guide on how to install APKs.

Q:  I can’t login due to an error like ‘Could not login using these parameters’
A:  There are a few things you can try:

  • First, double check you entered your username and password correctly.
  • Watch out for android autocapitalizing or autocorrecting things.
  • Try fully uninstalling the game, and then reinstall the game (this has worked for a few users).
  • Make sure you don’t have a firewall running or anything getting in the way of the app communicating with the network.  Can you access this website on the device?
  • You can try resetting your password.

Q:  I can’t login because I can’t type text into the login text box
A:  There is a strange bug in newer versions of the Samsung keyboard (and possibly other keyboards also) which does not work with the game (or other Flash/Flex apps).  You can use the in-game virtual keyboard as of build r40.1.  If you want to play an older version of the game, another workaround is to install Google’s Gboard keyboard app or another android keyboard app.

Q:  I can’t copy/paste mods into the android build.
A:  This is a problem with a new android os / keyboard update which breaks copy/paste. After looking at this extensively, I’m not sure how to resolve or if it’s a bug in Flex. However, you can use the mod browser to easily download mods directly into the game, which is much easier than copy / paste anyway.

Q:  I am playing on Android and after a text entry field pops up (like the login screen), the game is no longer in fullscreen mode.
A:  To return to fullscreen mode, task switch away from the game and then back to the game.  Also, if the game buttons feel a bit small, check the game is in touch mode in settings.


Q:  I have a question about something else…
A:  Feel free to join our Discord chat or make a blog comment with your question.  You can also contact me directly — my e-mail address is listed at the researcher intranet under support link.