Install The Underworld

Note: you can play The Underworld without installing just by visiting this page in your browser.

If you would like to install, you have some options depending on platform.  (All options support both demo and full game.)


Install the APK version.

Android Install Tips:

  • You will need to enable third party app support on your phone. See this article for some tips on that.
  • If downloading via Chrome:
    • Hold tap the APK download link and select ‘Download Link.’
    • From the downloads menu in your browser, tap the downloaded APK file and then Install.
    • Chrome may prevent you from running the APK.  You may be able to grant permission to ‘Install unknown apps’ (ones not sold by Google Play), or it may just show as a “could not open file” error.
    • If Chrome displays a “could not open file” error, you can try either downloading with Firefox, or use a program like Total Commander to find the downloaded APK and run it.


Install the PWA build.

Desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Install the PWA build.


Install the PWA build.