WIP 37.9 – Hydra

WIP build r37.9 is now available to WIP backers.  This build contains the full set of functionality for the Hydra DLC, however, doesn’t have the text to go with it.  This means you can play though the Hydra TF and associated content with this build, but without the text to hint at the solutions, it will be very difficult to do so.

As always, it’s recommended to save to a different slot for WIP builds. Some of the text is copied into the save file, so some missing text will carry through save files if you play on WIP and then play on a Private build.

Almost all players will prefer to wait for the full Hydra release before they play. Once the story text has been written, it will be a more complete experience.  But you may wish to try it if you want a sneak peak of what’s coming in the full Hydra release, or to see what a build looks like when it’s in development.

To try it out, first unlock the sewer door as per normal, then interact with the various new NPCs in Haven.

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