r42 – Procedurally Generated Sewer Dungeon

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r42 is out and contains the first part of the new sewer/swamp DLC!

As this content is rather large in scope, I’ve decided to split it into several more manageable updates.  This is the first of those updates which focuses on the dungeon itself, though you can expect a more story-focused and enemy-focused sewer DLC update in future, too.

This update has taken longer than usual for a few reasons, but a big one being I’ve been focusing on replayability for this DLC.  I’d like this to be playable multiple times, which is one of the reasons the marquee feature for this update is…

Procedurally Generated Sewer Dungeon

Inside the Sewer dungeon, you can now find a special doorway.  Using this doorway will let you enter a randomly generated area full of more slugs and frogs to defeat.

This system is compatible with save/load as well.

VCiV Side Missions

In the VCiV base, you can talk to Malory to request a Side Mission.  This system provides an objective for exploring the procedurally generated dungeon, and even allows you to customize the dungeon’s size.  You can also set parameters for whether debug box should be allowed, whether to limit your own level to something appropriate for the dungeon, and more.

Infiltrate the dungeon, find the intel, and return to Malory.

The fastest way to launch into the Side Mission is to choose the Ch6 starting point, then proceed north to speak with Malory.

Slug Still

Inside the procedural dungeon, you’ll also find a new toy to play with.  The Slug Still is used for milking slugs, though it will also work on frogs, cows, or anyone else with milky breasts.

Beyond the expected options to attach the hoses and turn it on, you’ll also find an ability to wear a special ball gag.  When in use, the collected milk will be redirected back into the wearer, resulting in weight gain.  Due to the industrial strength of the machine, this can cause an inattentive user to bloat to very nearly immobile sizes.

Note that you have some flexibility on how long to let it milk/inflate you.  However, if you get too horny using it, you might get too distracted to be able to turn it off for a while~ 😉

Additionally, I have left in a debug option that will allow slugs to operate the machine by themselves.  (Normally, an NPC would need to operate the machine on behalf of a slug due to a lack of limbs.  As this NPC has not yet been implemented, this temporary debug option lets you simply override those checks for now.)

Secret Easter Egg

Somewhere hidden in the game, I’ve added a special hidden Easter egg.  Eating it will do something fun.  Enjoy~!

Level Limiter Tattoo/Piercing

A new level limiting item forces your level back down to level 1.  This is quite helpful for making the slug dungeon replayable, and so is integrated into the side mission parameters.  However, it’s available from both the jewelry vendor and tattoo vendor should you wish to use it by itself.

Code Improvements

A number of code and engine improvements have been made:

  • There’s a system that now lets an arbitrary number of options be added to the screen.  This is useful for scenes like the Side Mission Configuration which has more buttons than space.  (It re-uses the items-in-world list to display more options.)
  • A fair bit of code work has been going on in making it possible to isolate future NPC behaviors so multiple NPCs can re-use common actions and have a wider set of player interactions.  Without spoiling too much, this will be very handy for the future sewer enemy update.
  • WIP backers now have access to a new ‘Unstable Server’, which pulls the latest version of the UI.  (This is useful for when WIP’s autobuild requires a UI update.)
  • Ability for player pickup function to run silently (ie, in case an NPC is picking something up ‘for’ you)

Failed Character Visualization Experiment (WIP)

One thing I had always wanted to do was add a character visualizer to the game.  I always figured it would be impossible given the size, so I was ecstatic when an anonymous artist (no one mentioned here) approached me with interest in doing this.  Unfortunately, after I implemented the feature over three months, the artist needed to increase the discussed price by 10x, so I had to scrap the plans for this for now.  In future (and definitely after the sewer updates are finally fully out) I might still try to do some part of the art myself and release it that way.

In the meanwhile though, WIP users can see the test version of this by pressing ` (backtick) and clicking Character Visualizer.  It should be noted that the current art is extremely unsexy, being mostly intended as very quick placeholders.  But it should work for the basics of human, fox, dragon, and dragon queen (doesn’t yet include dragon queen belly though or many of the requisite visual features).

To be clear, it’s definitely not worth backing WIP just to see this.  However, if you’re curious to see the bones system I was going to use for this feature (you can click the various limbs and move them) before I shelved it, it may be interesting to you.

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dino bug that may have either caused a game crash or to respawn at wrong campsite on death.
  • Fix bug where dragon queens weren’t climaxing while laying eggs (ie: if arms were restrained, or too fat to reach pussy, etc.)
  • 105: When player is null, options disappear
  • Fixed up the player description panel when player is slug. Still not 100% perfect, but doesn’t talk about walking around on ‘non-existent feet’, etc anymore
  • 107: Grammar error in intro

Today’s update art was created by Visorelle.

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