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Attaching a Save to Bug Reports

It is now possible to attach a save to a bug report.  For many bugs (for instance, soft lock situations where the player gets stuck) looking at saves can be a helpful clue for me to resolve them.

To attach a save file to a bug:

  1. Find (or create) the bug in the bug database.  Make a note of the bug ID number, as you’ll need it for step 3.
  2. From in-game, save the game when it is reproducing the bug into a slot.
  3. Fill out this form (also linked in the Researcher Intranet as ‘Attach a savefile to an existing bug in the bug database’) to copy the save into a special storage area (you must already be logged in).
  4. Submit form:
  5. Post a comment on the bug database with the attachment number the form gives you.
  6. You may now use that save slot normally (there is no longer a need to reserve that slot until I fix the bug!)

Thanks to everyone who has let bug reports reside in their save slots up until now.  Also, please do continue including good reproduction steps in the bug database on how to recreate bugs from scratch as that’s still one of the most useful pieces of information for solving them.

[Fan Art] New Dinoian Art by Saint

Saint did a new art of Chapter 6, where the player gets transformed into a lusty female dinoian mount by Hanako, who then rides you around.  I added a little bit of fun flavor text to make a recruitment ad~

Also, they updated their classic dinoian art, too:

Thanks Saint! <3


Find me at Midwest FurFest 2019 and I’ll have some cool badges to give away!  (I’ll be at the various TF meetups, or ping me on Discord)

If I have extras, I’m also considering mailing some out.  Mailing gets a lot more complex than giveaways due to shipping and since more people might request them, the cost of producing them can become quite a bit (they’re full PVC badges printed by a real employee ID badge company). If there’s a lot of demand, it may just end up being a thing for 1yr+ subscribers or something like that — but if only a handful of people are interested then that makes it easy to just ship out a handful of extras.

One day, I’d love to be able to do customized badges, too.  Maybe some fancy system where you upload your profile photo and it ships you a badge like this:

But the logistics and costs on that become an order of magnitude harder, so that’s just an idea for now.

Anyway, here‘s a form to register your interest in receiving a free logo-only badge — but no guarantees on them yet 🙂

Shortstack Succubunny TF/TG (r39 Update)

Valery clutched a package closely as she moved through the ramshackle dirt roads of Haven. Transformed into a mere drakeling, nobody respected the shortstack anymore. Afterall, drakelings weren’t known for their fighting skills. They were mostly known as a species dragons used when they were horny or when they wanted a servant or pet.

She’d be damned if she let some larger dragon claim her as some sexpet. If anything, she was the one who should have a pet! Especially since her finances were being quickly drained by frequent trips to the brothel to satiate her drakeling needs. She wanted someone she could dominate like she used to when she was a human… that meant finding someone even smaller, even hornier than a drakeling.

But… that someone didn’t exist. So Valery set off on changing someone to meet her needs. Fortunately, you stumbled into her right after she had just acquired all those lovely transformative items.

You probably shouldn’t have teased her about her height. And you definitely shouldn’t have stolen that jewelry and tried it on. Thanks to that, she chose to make you into her new pet. Determined to make you even sluttier than she was, Valery gave you the fertile, in-heat body of a female anthro bunny.  Further degrading you, she turned you into a succubunny — now you could only feed on cum. Eventually, you just lost count of the number of cursed items she kept tossing onto you. All you knew is that little shortstack kept changing you until she was now the relatively bigger and stronger one. You fell into her control quickly, almost eagerly, and now all you wanted was to serve her and her wonderful cock. Thanks to her changes to make you a helpless, obedient pet, you can’t even fight off enemies in The Underworld anymore… but that’s fine since you’re both enjoying your new lifelong role as Valery’s Fuckpet!

Full-text version – 1920px or max-res

Less-text version – 1920px or max-res

Art by the lovely Ghostbun.

Update Notes

This new DLC content is available exclusively to active subscribers at no additional charge beyond your existing subscription.  You can get it in the usual place (researcher intranet).  As with the Hydra, it will not be released later to demo or legacy players.

Here is the new content for active backers:

  • Succubus TF / Mode – Transform into a succubus:
    • Succubi cannot recover HP via rest or food.
    • Instead, as a succubus you feed from cum.  Receiving cum in any oriface will heal you.
    • Similar to overeating food, if you overeat cum when your HP is already full, you will gain weight.
    • Erogenous mouth – can gain pleasure from oral sex (ie, certain Valery scenes).  When aroused, mouth will even produce pre instead of saliva.  Can even become pregnant orally.
    • Gain two smooth, pink-red horns — perfect for grabbing.
    • Succubi gain a form that’s similar to their existing species.  Common characteristics are longer spade-tipped tails and long forked tongue.
    • Succubi can be on top of almost any other transformation.  So succudragons and succufoxes are all possible!
  • Bunny TF – Transform into an anthro bunny.  Bunnies are:
    • Subject to intense bouts of sexual heat.  It will be difficult to get more than a few steps before succumbing to your urges.
    • Highly fertile, will almost always end up knocked up with eggs after sex.
    • Cute and slightly chubby.
    • Eight tits!
  • Valery – A new shortstack drakeling NPC who is eager to make you into something even hornier and shortstack-ier than she is.
    • 9k words including three sexy sequences where she transforms you more and more into her ideal fuckpet, along with some story background about where she fits into the Underworld and how she came to be there.
    • Let me know if you’d like to see more of her!  In future, I’d like to add some more scenes with her after you’ve been fully transformed into her ideal form.
    • The easiest way to access is to use the Succubunny DLC button in chapter select.  Or get yourself up to level 4 and don’t have any other transformative items on you when you speak with her in South Haven.
  • New cursed transformation items – All available via the jewelry store in Haven (or Valery will give them to you for free~)
    • Bunny Bracelet – Bunny transformation item.
    • Pink Female Clit Piercing – Also works on cocks, though they won’t be cocks for long.
    • Golden Ankle Cuffs – One makes you short, two makes you very short.
    • Naked Arm Bands – Prevents wearing clothes.
    • Curse Lock Earring – Prevents Arya from removing curses from you.  Be sure you really want this before you put it on, because it’s not coming off.
    • Succubus Tongue Piercings – Succubus transformation item.
  • Misc tech & bug fixes
    • Thanks for all the bug reports!  A number have been fixed:
      • 41: Resting at Nixie’s doesn’t reset TV status.
      • 42: Regular’s House should be called Nova’s House.
      • 14: Level 7 makes player weak.
      • 29: Load error.
      • 20: Name Typo.
    • New piercing slots added.
    • Improvement to the DLC access check to autocheck sub status in the background on startup if needed, as opposed to having to do a logout-login for it to recognize upgraded status.
    • Game now checks your flash player is at least version 23 before allowing you to play.  Old versions of flash player are confirmed to lead to weird bugs like broken navigation in the desert.

[Fan Art] Whoredra by Vladi

Vladi has created some neat fan art of our very own Whoredra:

Our intrepid player (center) is a bit surprised to find themselves as the most recent head added to the multi-headed draconic prostitute.  Fortunately, looks like Violet and Emerald are welcoming him her!

If you like hydra art, there’s a lot more on Vladi’s FurAffinity page (including some hydra TF sequences).  They are also currently accepting commissions.

Learn more about the Whoredra transformation on the hydra transformation release post.