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Patreon Payments Delayed (Again)

Patreon is delayed again for many users due to an API bug on their side.  I apologize for the delay!

If you are a Patreon backer and need immediate access, please back via BMT instead and e-mail me, I will refund your Patreon charge.

March 11th Update – It appears Patreon has finally finished updating their information for this month.  If you had a charge on March 1, but still don’t have access (and you already linked your Patreon account), please contact me.

Patreon Processing Delay

For some users, Patreon processing seems to be extra slow this month.  I’ve reached out to Patreon support to see what’s going on, but in the meanwhile I apologize for the delay!

Update:  There is a known issue with patron status that Patreon is working to resolve.

Update 2:  So despite the above issue being marked “resolved”, I still see a couple people stuck in Patreon limbo.  I’m not sure how long this will continue, although it seems people’s accounts are slowly being fixed over time.

If your account is stuck, I’d recommend you switch to BMT, which does support instant access.  Note, however, that BMT does not support PayPal or AMEX cards.  If you want to do this switch, just subscribe normally via the researcher intranet portal.  Then send me an e-mail or Patreon PM with your game account name and Patreon account name so I can refund your most recent Patreon payment.

Again, sorry for this issue — I share your frustration on how unreasonably and needlessly slow this is.

Update 3:

  • New patrons / Patrons whose first charge was in February:  Patreon is still working through this issue, sorry!
  • Existing patrons / patrons who had a charge before February:  If you are not a new patron, your patron access should now be updated — if not, please try to relink your account. If after 30 minutes, you do not have access, please contact me.

Update 4 – Now Resolved (Feb 15th):

Patreon has fixed the issue, and now all backers who had a successful charge for February should now have access to the game. If not, please try to relink your account. If after 30 minutes, you do not have access, please contact me.

Mermaid TF & Water

r36 is now released to backers and includes Mermaid TF and Water, two new features needed for the upcoming Chapter 7.  You can try both out in a small test area in the debug rooms.

Mermaids are another species with a bunch of one-off gameplay limitations and custom logic — other devs are smart enough to avoid these when possible, but I keep putting them in the game because I love TFs with inconvenient repercussions :3

Grab the Fish Pendant from the Debug Rooms to become transformed into a mermaid!  The pendant is in curse room 3, in the far west of the curse rooms.

Mermaids are weighted down by their heavy tails, and will struggle to climb out of any water areas.  Even if they do, they’ll be unable to drag that tail very far, and end up returning to the water sooner or later.  If you get stuck out in the middle of land, a helpful aquarium worker will come by and dump you back into the water (currently in the debug rooms, but will eventually go into the Chapter 7 areas).  Same with respawns:  once you’re a mermaid, you’ll respawn back in the water as well.

This species is also particularly lusty, earning the nicknames of ‘merslut’ and ‘sea bimbo’ that other species sometimes playfully call them.  Any successful lust attacks against mermaids hit for double damage, so watch out!

That’s not to say there aren’t any advantages to being a mermaid.  r36 also adds support for rooms to be either covered in water or totally submerged.  Humans will have to hold their breath underwater, and will eventually start taking health damage if they don’t return to the surface.  Mermaids and sharks, however, can easily breathe underwater (something that will definitely come in handy once the Mulberry Aquarium is done).

All mermaids are female, so expect an appropriately buxom gender TF to be included if you’re male before putting on the pendant.

There’s not too much to do as a mermaid yet, however, you can play with the Octomaid, who is also hanging out in the water test area.  All the octomaid’s teases are hooked up for mermaids, so she’ll tease you about being a merslut and such as she dominates you.

Currently, it’s very easy to get stuck as a mermaid, so you may not want to save after putting the pendant on.  Unless you’re carrying some other items, you’re likely to end up fully transformed into a busty mermaid and trapped in the pool with the octomaid forever.  Although maybe that isn’t such a bad fate… 😉

Misc tech stuff

  • Some new parameters are available in the mod API for species who implement checkPlayerMobile
  • The game now has the ability to have rooms that are loaded, but not yet discovered.  This was useful for water checks, but will also be useful for having entities that are doing stuff in areas that you haven’t explored yet.
  • These extensions to species have been added, but not yet exposed to the mod API.  If you’re working on an species that needs it, let me know in #modding on discord and I’ll try to get it added to the API.
    • Arms/Legs exist functions are now usable by all species.
    • Support for species to have lust damage modifier and flavor text was added.
    • Support for species that can breath underwater was added.


Wyvern Male & LUA Powered Monsters

New Monster: Wyvern Male

The Wyvern Male is now available on the mod portal to active backers. This green wyvern is eager for a mate, and it’s rumored he has a spare collar in his nest that can transform any wayward research subject that meet his rigorous standards into his new female breeding wyverness (which is anyone who seems interested in his massive, dual cocks).

He’s a loving, but firm mate. The wyvern will use his breeder regularly, making sure she’s always full of eggs. Since the new wyverness won’t be able to play with herself due to having wings instead of hands, she’ll soon come to treasure these sessions. In every case observed, even the most shy of research subjects are soon lustily begging their new mates to be filled up once their strong wyverness breeder desires kick in.

The male wyvern will protect his mate, too, ensuring she doesn’t wander out of the nest — it can be dangerous out there when you’re weighed down by so many eggs you can barely move. When her four large breasts are full of milk, the male helps out by milking her. He does quite enjoy seeing how lusty his mate gets after a good milking.

If defeated by an unmated wyverness, the male will tuck tail and fly off. However, once mated, the wyverness typically finds herself naturally submissive toward her mate, becoming quite docile.

As with the Wyvern TF instinct system, there’s lots of teasing you through the fourth wall (get ready to be treated like a proper horny wyverness breeder, you slut <3). Actually, there’s a lot of content in here in general as the male wyvern will take different actions depending on his state and your state. All told, he’s got about 7k words of content — almost as much text as all of Chapter 2.

Modding: LUA Powered Monsters

r35 is also released today to support the Male Wyvern mod. The primary feature is the new MonsterAdvanced mod type. This type combines the existing Monster Mods system with the power of LUA based scripting, so you can have monsters do all sorts of things.

For a straightforward example of this, see the MonsterAdvanced sample.

Modding: Object to Object Communication

Another very powerful new feature for modders is the ability for entities to call custom functions on other entities. See the Radio sample for an example of a radio remote control object communicating to a radio object. To expose a function to other entities, simply add the LUA function name to the “customPublicFunctions” JSON array. This can be very useful for creating more complex behavior.

Under the hood, this involved connecting separate LUA virtual machines. Because of this, I recommend to only pass and return primitives — however, more complex types like Entity references and full tables do seem to work fine so far. See the updated LUA Implementation Notes for details on limitations.

Modding: Additional Functionality

  • New Text Variables exposed: [[MUSK]].
  • The player class has exposed a few pregnancy related functions, such as incBellyPreg(), setBellyPreg(), and resetPregnancySilent().
  • MainScreen has a method for inserting continue scenes via continueSceneToMapScene().
  • Room related functions now pass room information.
  • Calling LUA functions with parameters from AS3 now passes parameters correctly.

Chapter 7 Planning

Work is still ongoing for building out the remainder of the second half of Chapter 7.  All the gameplay for it, including the various transformations, endings and puzzles have now been planned out and ready to begin implementation.