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Succubunny Part II (r40 Update)

In Part I, you met Valery, a shortstack drakeling that turned you into her succubunny pet.  Now in Part II, you can explore your new life with Valery.  Your new mistress expects you to heed her every command and satisfy that powerful drakeling libido of hers.  Of course, with your mix of bunny and succubus genetics, you’ll be eager to please her over and over again.

Thanks to all those piercings and changes, escape from your new life is impossible.  However, you can at least be a useful pet.  Perhaps you can work out how to fix Valery’s flat screen TV, so you can cuddle with your mistress and watch Underworld Public Access TV together.  An intrepid pet will also figure out how to acquire batteries to power those vibrators you found in Valery’s closet — with those erogenous, pussy-like orifaces of yours, three of them will feel quite nice buzzing inside you.

Whenever you’re hungry, you need merely ask Valery for dinner.  As a succubus, your only food option is cum, but your horny Mistress is happy to feed it you.  Your slutty palate will find it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.  If you don’t have high metabolism enabled, you’ll need to be careful — if you continuously overeat, you might end up as an incredibly fat bunny that can barely walk under her own weight.  The eggs Valery keeps knocking you up with already weigh enough by themselves, so occasional visits to a treadmill aren’t a bad idea to lose the fat.  Since treadmills require rest between uses and succubi can only rest by consuming cum, succubi get a special 3x weight loss bonus when using treadmills.

Valery, of course, will keep putting you in your place, treating you like the lusty sexpet you’ve become.  She won’t hesitate to remind you who your owner is… not that you could easily forget as you still have to refer to yourself as ‘Fuckpet’ and her as ‘Mistress.’  Other than your leash & collar, you can’t wear clothes, and she usually doesn’t even let you sit on the couch, preferring you to sit on the ground below her feet.  It’s a bit embarrassing to have become a submissive pet for a lowly drakeling, but she’s a good mistress and will ensure your horny body gets plenty of use.  She might make you beg for it, but she’ll even let you cum… eventually.

This update adds over 10k new words of post-TF Valery & Succubunny content, bringing Succubunny to ~19k words total.  This includes five new saucy scenes — try to find each one!  You’ll need to solve a couple puzzles to experience them all.

This new DLC content is available exclusively to active subscribers at no additional charge beyond your existing subscription.  You can get it in the usual place (researcher intranet).  As with the Hydra, it will not be released later to demo or legacy players.

Full-text version: 1080px or max-res

No-text version: 1080px or max-res

No-insert version: 1080px or max-res

Pure version: 1080px or max-res

Art by the lovely Ghostbun.

High Metabolism

There’s a new free tattoo available to both active subscribers and legacy players in the tattoo shop.  Wear it, and you’ll be immune from the effects of overeating (which happens when you consume fatty food when already at full health).  This works for both regular species overeating food as well as succubi overeating cum.

Pick this up if you want to mostly avoid weight gain content for the succubunny.  You’ll still get knocked up with eggs, but won’t have to also contend with fat.  (Unless you dislike weight gain though, the intended play style for her is to play normally without high metabolism.)

Sell System

Active backers have access to a new feature: you can now sell certain items!  The trading outpost has been upgraded to also accept sales of milk and eggs.  This allows players, such as succubunny, to still be able to earn money even though their submissive nature prevents them from fighting enemies.

One fun way to play with this feature is to become a Dragoncow Queen — head to the debug rooms and down a bunch of cow’s milk until you’ve grown an udder.  Then, add any bovine growth hormone depending on how much milk you’d like to produce.  You can also add extra rows of breasts if you like, but that (currently) does not affect milk production.  Then, equip a dragon queen collar.  Soon you’ll be producing milk and eggs regularly (possibly near constantly depending on how many bovine hormones you took).  Find a milker in the trading outpost and go into business for yourself, selling your milk and eggs.  It doesn’t pay much, but come on — how much did you really expect a glorified farm animal like yourself to make? 😉


Along with his new buy/sell abilities, our shopkeeper at the Trading Outpost has also been upgraded with a backstory.  You can talk to him early in the game (before chapter 3) and meet the human male early in his Underworld career.  He’s been making frequent trips down into The Underworld to start a burgeoning import/export business and corner store.

When you meet him later on (after chapter 3), he looks a bit different.  The human male is now a female anthro raccoon.  The shop keeper didn’t heed the warnings, and is now stuck in The Underworld like so many others.  In addition to Elijah’s story-development scenes, one of the new saucy succubunny scenes features Elijah trying out his her new body.

Perhaps later on, we’ll see more of her?  Elijah’s two backstory scenes are available to both active subscribers and legacy players.  The succubunny scene is only available to active subscribers.

Bug Reporting

This was previously covered in an earlier blog post by itself, but in case you didn’t see it, there’s now a way to attach save files to bug reports.  Especially for any soft-lock bugs, these can be very useful for finding and reproducing them.


  • If you have multiple rows of tits, [[BREAST DESCRIPTION]] will now reference that.

Bug Fixes

A number of bug fixes are included in this build — thank you for the bug reports.  The bug database includes more details on this release’s bug fixes:

  • 15/51: Softlock at Pound’s Bouncer — This one is tricky, but essentially there were various conditions which could either cause the bouncer to lock you in the pound’s entrance and/or make it seem like he is.  New build basically prevents you from getting stuck here, and if he does lock you in place for an item you’re not allowed to bring inside, he tells you what you need to drop.
  • 19: Expired (BMT) subscriptions don’t show renew link right away.
  • 27: Game considers tattoos suspicious items.
  • 48: Cannot milk udder with milking machine without breasts.
  • 35: Hanako scene collects eggs, but they are left in desert.
  • 40: Sex with Dawn does not reset lust.
  • 45: Whale Show Typo.
  • 49: function speciesNatureTick() not triggering.
  • Proactive fixes on save/load issues to hopefully head off a number of future save/load bugs that haven’t manifested yet.

Attaching a Save to Bug Reports

It is now possible to attach a save to a bug report.  For many bugs (for instance, soft lock situations where the player gets stuck) looking at saves can be a helpful clue for me to resolve them.

To attach a save file to a bug:

  1. Find (or create) the bug in the bug database.  Make a note of the bug ID number, as you’ll need it for step 3.
  2. From in-game, save the game when it is reproducing the bug into a slot.
  3. Fill out this form (also linked in the Researcher Intranet as ‘Attach a savefile to an existing bug in the bug database’) to copy the save into a special storage area (you must already be logged in).
  4. Submit form:
  5. Post a comment on the bug database with the attachment number the form gives you.
  6. You may now use that save slot normally (there is no longer a need to reserve that slot until I fix the bug!)

Thanks to everyone who has let bug reports reside in their save slots up until now.  Also, please do continue including good reproduction steps in the bug database on how to recreate bugs from scratch as that’s still one of the most useful pieces of information for solving them.


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If I have extras, I’m also considering mailing some out.  Mailing gets a lot more complex than giveaways due to shipping and since more people might request them, the cost of producing them can become quite a bit (they’re full PVC badges printed by a real employee ID badge company). If there’s a lot of demand, it may just end up being a thing for 1yr+ subscribers or something like that — but if only a handful of people are interested then that makes it easy to just ship out a handful of extras.

One day, I’d love to be able to do customized badges, too.  Maybe some fancy system where you upload your profile photo and it ships you a badge like this:

But the logistics and costs on that become an order of magnitude harder, so that’s just an idea for now.

Anyway, here‘s a form to register your interest in receiving a free logo-only badge — but no guarantees on them yet 🙂