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r41.3 – Whoredra Ported + Bugfixes

Have you missed being a multi-headed draconic prostitute?  :3  The new engine has been updated with the Whoredra content ported over from the old Flash engine!  Your fellow Whoredra heads, Emerald and Violet, are eager to welcome you back~

In the process, I also fixed up Whoredra AI to be much harder to get into softlock states.  For instance, Emerald and Violet should no longer infinitely try to put on the same top if your belly is too large/pregnant to wear it.  Note — it’s still intentionally possible to get into playable Bad End states by design… Violet does love her cursed piercings, and if that means your shared body ends up unsuitable for adventuring and you’re now relegated to only whoring up Haven, well… the other heads are fine with that 😉

This update includes the following changes & bug fixes:

  • Whoredra ported over to new engine
  • Fixed bug where Public Use Tattoo was causing High Metabolism effects instead of Public Use effects
  • 74 – Added horseshoe to debug rooms
  • 32 – Fix Whoredra gets stuck in farm
  • 71 – Prevent Emerald from trying to grind mobs for money if wearing a nonviolent or obedient aspect (fixes first case #71)
  • 71 – Whoredra heads remember which items fail an equip, and won’t retry them for a while (fixes second case of #71)
  • 77 – Fix poll results not displaying
  • 76 – Fixed cookie warning
  • 33 – Fix cow transformation removes Whoredra heads
  • 31 – Whoredra will no longer attempt to wear clothes in slots that would immediately burst due to horsecock or too large belly
  • Whoredra head will not do a takeover for something that isn’t bugging them just because they’re in a bad mood because of other things

Optional Build E-Mails

If you’d like to be notified of when new builds are available (and other posts on this blog), there is now a system set up to do exactly that!

For easiest access, just login to the Researcher Intranet, and accept the prompt at the top (which will prepopulate your existing e-mail, so you don’t even have to type it in again).  Or, you can also access the system directly here, including if you don’t otherwise have an account.

Tip:  It is recommended to also add to any safe sender list or set up a gmail filter to allow messages from it, to ensure messages aren’t accidentally routed to your spam folder.  Here is a page with instructions on how to do this for various platforms.

r41.01 – New Engine Released to Private

The new (non-Flash) engine discussed in the last post is now released to all active game subscribers!

With this new engine, you don’t need to download Flash.  The game is now playable inside a desktop web browser with no additional dependencies.  See the last post for details on what content is available in the new engine so far.  Please do report bugs affecting Ch 1~6 content, as that’s all expected to work now.

  • The map bug affecting r41 WIP should now be resolved.
  • New servers have been deployed for European and Australian regions.
  • Some misc backend improvements.

r41 WIP – New Engine is Playable (Non-Flash)

After much re-coding, the new engine is finally in a playable state!

This version is completely Flash-less, and will run right in your desktop web browser (tested in Firefox & Chrome).  Support for mobile browsers & a mobile progressive web app will be added in future.

Currently chapters 1~6 should be playable in the new engine, though these haven’t been thoroughly tested so there will likely be some bugs yet.  (Speaking of, if the minimap looks really weird, try refreshing the page to fix it.)

For now, this build is only available to WIP subscribers via the usual Researcher Intranet, though it will be rolled out to all active subscribers soon.

Cookies / Log-out

This is about seven years overdue, but the researcher intranet now supports cookies so you don’t have to manually log in every time.  You can also log out, too.

Automated Builds

In the Researcher Intranet, you will now see a new WIP build labeled “autobuild.”  This is currently available to all WIP subscribers and reflects the absolute latest content in source control.  Just like all WIP builds, these aren’t recommended for typical gameplay as they haven’t yet been tested.  However, it may be fun to take a look at the absolute latest changes to see what’s coming.

Similarly, there’s a new #builds discord channel, which gives a sneak peek into what’s being committed into source control as our trusty BuildBold tries to build each new commit and make it playable.

Currently, the #builds channel is viewable to everyone in Discord, though this may change to all subscribers, WIP, or no-one at all depending on if I’m working on something I want to surprise people with.  (Similarly, autobuild may sometimes be unavailable).

Artist Info Page

There’s now a specific page for people to find out about contributing art for the game.  Sign-ups for that are open on an ongoing basis, and we already have one super awesome TF sequence complete.  I won’t be revealing it until the accompanying game content for it is ready, but the artist did an amazing job and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Backend / CDN

Lots of changes and upgrades to various server stuff on the backend, including: new OS, improved caching on the blog, in process moving a lot of static blog assets to a CDN, etc.