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Feature Suggestion Poll

March 1 Patronage Processed:  Patreon was a bit slow this month, but finally finished processing the pledges.  I have updated the intranet with everyone’s access.  If you still don’t have access but should, then please contact me using the e-mail address listed in the support section of the intranet.

(Update – there was a bug that prevented some people from accessing the portal — if you had problems earlier today, please try again now and if you still have any issues, please give me an e-mail)

New Poll:  The new poll system is up and running, with a new feature poll to go along with it. If you’re currently a Patreon or BMT subscriber, head over to the researcher intranet to cast your votes. You can vote for as many or as few features as you like.

The options are listed below (click Continue Reading if you’re on the main blog page).

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Patreon Reminder

Reminder that it usually takes a bit for Patreon to process all the transactions, so they haven’t been updated on the intranet yet. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Patreon and will update it as soon as the charges are complete.

If you’re a new backer, don’t forget to link your intranet account to your Patreon account in the intranet to avoid future delays afterward.

New Poll + Map Mods Soon

Within the next week, there should be two new updates — one for the game, one for the website.

Map Modding – The new build will unveil map mods, allowing you to place all your mods in interesting scenarios / levels.  If you want to get started on that, the tools are already available — check out the excellent Trizbort software to get started.

New Vote – A new vote will be set up soon.  I am writing a simple poll script for the website so you’ll be able to vote regardless of whether you back via Patreon or the new BMT subscriptions.  Note that it’ll work on the same monthly cycle as the builds do, so if you’re a Patreon backer, you’ll need to ensure you’re backed by the end of the month in order to vote in it (which is today!).

r25.01 Dinoian Fixes

The previous build accidentally broke the Dinoian chapter.  This is now fixed in r25.01, along with a few other fixes for that chapter, including:

  • Fixed a save/load issue where saving after Hanako begins teasing you but before the chapter’s transformation resulted in never getting transformed.
  • Fixed a few minor text bugs referring to your ‘missing’, or otherwise referring to what you look like before the TF instead of after.
  • And fixed the crash that prevented playing the chapter at all in r25.

r25 Released – Modder Requests

This release features several new mod API features requested by modders in the Discord server.

Also, we have our first user created transformation mod — check out the new Pig TF and Pig King mods by Luxious if you like weight gain stuff!


  • Monster mods can now cause the player to transform into a custom species. To do this, instead of specifying an integer for ‘bodyType’, specify the string ID of what to TF into.  See Pig King for an example.
  • Most game objects that you can get via functions will have a .type that indicate their type, ie: “Player”, “Entity”, “Species”, “Clothing”.
  • Added new clothing functions, so you can get a clothing item worn in a particular slot, or get clothing-specific information about it. See the Pants Enthusiast sample.
  • Custom entity spawning — By setting an ‘id’ parameter on a mod, you can now spawn entities, clothing, and monsters via LUA script by way of Entity.Generate().  You can spawn both custom and non-custom creations this way.
  • Logging cleanup so as to not spam during normal gameplay if new LUA entities are spawned.
  • Multiple custom monsters can now be loaded and run at the same time.  Debug Mod Control Panel will still nuke the previous monster, but generated custom monsters via Entity.Generate() will stick around forever.
  • Renamed Debug Monster Control Panel -> Debug Mod Control Panel.
  • Fix for error loading Kitsune / monsters that don’t cause TFs.

Next up, I’ll most likely be looking at custom map support for mods (which will allow you to place all your mods in interesting scenarios / levels).  If you want to get started on that, the tools are already available — check out the excellent Trizbort software.