r49 – Return to The Farm (Procedural Extended Play)

In the latest build, you can now return to The Farm and explore a procedural farm-themed dungeon.  In addition, one of the endings for the farm chapter (the SkyCorp ending) has a couple new story scenes (~3,000 new words) so you can see what Sasha and Isabella have been up to in the intervening time.  (I have plans for a future update that will also cover the VCiV ending in a similar way).

After getting an ending for the Farm chapter, the Extended content opens up after beating the Strip Club chapter.  Quick start options for both endings have been added to the Chapter Select screen.  For the SkyCorp ending, if you’re re-caught in the farm, you will be forceably transformed into a cowgirl once again.  Micky has a new intro if he re-catches you directly.

Security has been stepped up, so escaping your milky fate will be notably more challenging.  Beware — if you indulge in the bovine growth hormones to up your milk production, it’ll become impossible to move far away from the milking machine at all!  It is definitely possible to get yourself trapped on the farm while in Extended mode.

Similar to past procedural dungeons, you can change the generation parameters to make larger or smaller dungeons by visiting Malory in VCiV HQ before entering the farm.  By doing this, you’ll also have a specific intel objective item to seek out in the procedural dungeon and return to her (assuming you don’t just give in to your new life~)

Hybrid Cows

In addition to becoming a cowgirl again, you now have the option to become a hybrid cow.  If you return to the farm as another species, for instance a fox, you will be able to ask Micky to change you into a foxcow.  Showing up as a Dragon Queen will result in you becoming a Dracow Queen, and you’ll indeed both make milk and lay eggs~

Typically, hybrid cows will end up with milky F-cup breasts, including an extra row of breasts, an udder, some kind of tail, cow ears and non-dexterous hooves.  The species name you’re referred to as will also be updated to include ‘cow.’

(This should work for most of the species in the game, but certain edge cases like supporting non-verbal speech hasn’t been done yet for the farm enemies)


  • Added back button to Chapter Skip screen (finally after 9.9 years 😅)
  • Modding:  Fixed a bug where Player.incOverweight function was not passing the optional hyper parameter

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