r48 – Gym Rat (Weight Gain Dom)

r48 is now released to all backers and includes a new mob, a way to re-encounter Valeska, and assorted fixes.

Gym Rat

A new fightable enemy has appeared in Haven:  the Gym Rat.  This athletic female wields a double-ended dildo with weight transfer powers.

If you lose combat against her, she’ll fuck the pounds into you via the double-ended dildo, leaving you chonkier every time you meet her.  She soon realizes she can eat as much food as she likes and just stuff the fat into you, instead.  Your progressively growing weight becomes a sign of her dominance over you as you struggle to beat this powerful enemy.  This rodent loves playing with your new chub and teasing you about how heavy you’re getting.

Not content with only fattening you up during encounters, she’ll also try to convince you to wear one of the cursed collars that will transform you into one of the thicker species (Panda, Elephant, or Turkey) — forms that keep piling those pounds on regardless of your efforts.

The weight transfer dildo can fatten you up to the point where walking around becomes difficult, and eventually impossible entirely.  (Note: currently immobilization just drops you off at the gym so you can (slowly) work off the pounds, though I’d like to add some more immobilization activities/options in future.)

If you defeat her in combat (no easy task given her high level), you can turn the tables!  Flip the dildo the other way around, and now you’re adding pounds to her.  If you get her fat enough, she’ll start to lose combat effectiveness, and eventually immobilize… making her stuck like that forever.

There’s around 3,600 new words for Gym Rat content, including variations to properly recognize different acceptance levels and be compatible with vocal limitations.

Re-encounter Valeska in the Dragon Temple

If you are a collared Dragon Queen, you can now get knocked up by Valeska (from the previous update’s Procedural Dragon Temple) as many times as you like!

After you have become a full Dragon Queen and collared by Valeska, you can use the altar in the Hatchery to re-trigger her breeding sequence.  The alternate intro to it is around 1,200 new words long and teases the player a bit about how the whole temple knows you are a horny, egg-filled Dragon Queen now~

Misc Improvements / Fixes

  • Fix bug where Valeska fails to put the level limit piercing on you.
  • Butt size adjectives now consider overweight amount (in addition to also considering breast size as before.)
  • Text spacing fix for when increasing or decreasing weight for belly shirt lift-up stage.
  • Added new text variables for checking player weight.
  • #121 – Fix bug where dragon servant would cause instant full term pregnancy if player had a type of pregnancy other than Dragon Queen.
  • Fix issue where going in and out of chapter select options was causing player to be overleveled / too far along in progression.
  • Fonts on the blog / intranet portal are a bit larger to more closely match in-game font size and generally be more readable.
  • #113: Fix for self examine textbox not resizing on window maximise (fixed in demo, also).

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