r41.3 – Whoredra Ported + Bugfixes

Have you missed being a multi-headed draconic prostitute?  :3  The new engine has been updated with the Whoredra content ported over from the old Flash engine!  Your fellow Whoredra heads, Emerald and Violet, are eager to welcome you back~

In the process, I also fixed up Whoredra AI to be much harder to get into softlock states.  For instance, Emerald and Violet should no longer infinitely try to put on the same top if your belly is too large/pregnant to wear it.  Note — it’s still intentionally possible to get into playable Bad End states by design… Violet does love her cursed piercings, and if that means your shared body ends up unsuitable for adventuring and you’re now relegated to only whoring up Haven, well… the other heads are fine with that 😉

This update includes the following changes & bug fixes:

  • Whoredra ported over to new engine
  • Fixed bug where Public Use Tattoo was causing High Metabolism effects instead of Public Use effects
  • 74 – Added horseshoe to debug rooms
  • 32 – Fix Whoredra gets stuck in farm
  • 71 – Prevent Emerald from trying to grind mobs for money if wearing a nonviolent or obedient aspect (fixes first case #71)
  • 71 – Whoredra heads remember which items fail an equip, and won’t retry them for a while (fixes second case of #71)
  • 77 – Fix poll results not displaying
  • 76 – Fixed cookie warning
  • 33 – Fix cow transformation removes Whoredra heads
  • 31 – Whoredra will no longer attempt to wear clothes in slots that would immediately burst due to horsecock or too large belly
  • Whoredra head will not do a takeover for something that isn’t bugging them just because they’re in a bad mood because of other things

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