r18 – Monster Mods, Male Spider, and Custom Name Entry

Monster Mods (Private build feature)

Researchers now have access to a new debug tool that allows them to create their own enemies.  Use the Debug Monster Control Panel to input Monster Code.  A new monster will then be created in the adjoining room.  Monster Code can be generated without programming knowledge using the SCLab utility.  Researchers are encouraged to post their monsters to the wiki.

New Enemy: Male Spider

A new enemy has been discovered: the Male Spider.  He traps unwary victims in his web and transforms them into female spiders.

The male spider is a tough opponent.  A level 3 player with full health & empty lust can usually take him on, but any status effects (eggs, heat, etc) will tip the balance in his favor. It’s very difficult to get out of his web, so arrive fully prepared unless you want to become his mate!

He weighs in at approximately 1900 words and is implemented using the new Monster Mods system (copy his Monster Code from the wiki and paste it into the control panel’s input screen).

Custom Name Entry

Research subjects can now enter their own names instead of using default assigned ones.  Both masculine and feminine versions will be prompted for.  If the subject’s sex changes, then they will start to refer to themselves using the alternate name upon reaching 100% acceptance.

Research staff can download r18 from the private employee intranet as either SWF (Flash) or APK (Android).

Update: r18.02 released – There were a few bugs with monsters not attacking players in r18.  Please use the newly released r18.02 instead.

10 thoughts on “r18 – Monster Mods, Male Spider, and Custom Name Entry

  1. Incredibly excited! Really looking forward to the new area tho O.o
    The spider transformation/fight is a nice distraction for the time being, but I /need/ to know what happens later in the story!
    Have you thought about putting in random events? :0 It would make the Underworld much more interesting, because as it stands right now it’s just kind of a boring hub :\
    Arya’s backstory is still placeholder, the Town Hall people are always chanting for rights, but nothing ever happens, there aren’t any people interested in the new person Underground, etc.
    I’m not saying you have to have all of this by next update, but I’d really love to see some variety/longevity plugged in! If you need a volunteer writer for random encounters, I’d gladly volunteer.

    Just looking forward to more! This game has some of my favorite transformations, and a great story. I really want to see where it goes from here!

    • Good ideas! Making the world more dynamic and changing would add some more life to those areas.

      Regarding writing — over time, my plan is to make modding more comprehensive so researchers can write & share their own game text. Some of this text might get integrated into the game as a set of ‘default mods.’ It’s helpful for me to know what things people want to write so I can enable mod support for those things. I haven’t seen any monster mods yet, so maybe writing enemies isn’t the sort of writing people want to do.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Doesn’t seem like the android version can paste code into the new debug monster program- looks like I’ll have to wait till I’m at my pc xD

    • Sorry about that. If the mod system catches on, I may improve it so it can download mods directly from in-game (like Steam Workshop). That would make it easy for mobile players

  3. I found a bug in the last ‘dungeon’ .. You can find some breast reduction in the shop. If you apply them until you have no more breasts and head to the club’s lobby room (With the bouncer) You can’t go anywhere, he won’t let you out because you’re a catgirl. But he won’t let you in because you’re not ‘female’ enough either. So that forces the player to restart the game.

    A feature I feel would be a nice to have is to be able to wait. Since sometimes you want to get caught to transform into something more concealable or you don’t want to just go back and forth to wait for an effect to finish before moving on (happened a lot during Dragon Queen dungeon mostly.

  4. Will there be a way in the future to allow for player TF mods? There are some I would really like to create in tandem with the monster mods system, but at the moment I can only choose from existing TFs in the game

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