r17 – Female Spider Transformation

Attention researchers, a new species has been discovered!

A new cursed pendant in the debug room has the power to transform test subjects into anthro black widow spiders.  After exposure, test subjects will no longer be able to stand upright, but will instead be forced to crawl on spider legs and will grow a huge, bulbous opisthosoma-butt.

Spiders are a strong species.  Thanks to their razor sharp appendages, they are capable of performing combat strikes with 20% increased damage.  This damage comes at a cost.  Due to their short stature and octopedal motion, the female’s breasts will swing below them as they move.  Large breasts will rub against the ground, driving arousal whenever they move.  Extremely large breasts will occasionally prevent movement entirely.

Lust will have to be carefully managed, as the black widow’s opisthosoma-butt is so large that she will be unable to reach her own vagina to let off steam.  Instead, the black widow will have to find a partner… but she must choose carefully.

When spiders engage in sex with a male partner, they stand a significant chance of becoming pregnant with a huge clutch of eggs.  When pregnant, the spider’s belly will fill with eggs and become massive.  The belly hangs under the spider, and at large sizes will impede the spider’s egress from predators and leave it vulnerable to attack.  After a short incubation period, the female is forced to lay eggs.  Regardless of her wishes, this cycle repeats several times until her supply of fertilized eggs is eventually exhausted.  Finally her work is complete and she can return to normal proportions… at least until she is mated again.

Currently there are no males in the open world accessible dungeons, but researchers can use the debug hub to teleport to willing males in the dragon temple.

Research staff can download r17 from the private employee intranet as either SWF (Flash) or APK (Android).

7 thoughts on “r17 – Female Spider Transformation

  1. This sounds great to me but that’s coming from someone that has both an oviposition kink and a pregnancy kink. I can’t wait to see more stuff like this.

  2. I definitely enjoyed this one, now i’m wondering if the next story segment is going to involve something around this xD

    • Not sure on release date, but it will include at least player custom name entry with both masculine and feminine names.

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