The wiki is up.  There’s not much content yet, so feel free to add & edit pages if you want to.  It uses the same account system as the game, however, you do not need to have a paid account to edit the wiki.  A WYSIWYG editor is available, so no knowledge of wiki markup is required.

Don’t login to the wiki if you don’t want your SkyCorp username to be publicly shown, as MediaWiki keeps a public log of usernames.

10 thoughts on “Wiki

  1. please put a new seen if you fail to take out nixi please… you belly perenently swoleen up 100 lb total 200.. and it contines to 1000 and then you get the ending that nini had about geting fucked and fucked and fucked but your mind never snaps and are forsced to endo the pain of being a broad mother forever.

    • Honestly, it would be nice if there were alternate conclusions for each story arc ^.^

      It would just help with the player feeling like it’s an interactive story, rather than something with a linear path.

      Though I can understand just sticking with the current game design as well

      • To help avoid players from slamming into the “bad-ends” maybe only set it so that these endings are only achievable with 100 acceptance, in addition to some other loss factor. Food for thought 🙂

    • Sorry, real life is temporarily getting in the way. I am looking forward to things calming down and getting more time to spend on this 🙂

  2. I love this game, best $15 I have ever spent, Took me a while to get through that strip club, that heat stuff was murder, and you literally have to be lucky to beat the catgirls and dog-herms even at the max level there.

    • Thanks!

      Maybe I made that chapter a little too hard. I haven’t heard many reports on that chapter’s difficulty yet

  3. i actually love this game expecially for the interesting ideas and stories you’re putting forward, my only gripe is the price, if it were 10.00$ for access to the current private build then each major private build you could be asked for another 10.00$ i wouldn’t mind, 10.00$ a month however is a bit much for me sadly, and i’m assuming its 10 USD as well

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