r16 – Mobile Mode / APK

r16 is now available in the employee intranet for private build supporters.  This build adds one new feature: Mobile Mode.  On the splash screen, there is now a button you can press to enter a new mode which makes the game much easier to play on phone / tablet / touch devices.  It modifies the UI layout by increasing the size and distance between the buttons and resizing various other UI components.  Text windows can also now be scrolled by swiping them up/down.  Button hover states are removed in this mode since touchscreens will often keep the cursor at the last touched location.

For players on Android, an APK build has been created that you can install directly as an app.  This web page has some tips on how to install APKs.

The game will try to detect if its on a touchscreen or not, but if it fails, just toggle between Desktop Mode and Mobile Mode by using the new button on the start up page.

This feature & APK releases will also be available to public build players in a later public release.

13 thoughts on “r16 – Mobile Mode / APK

  1. Found this little game. Thought it was interesting. After playing it, was considering buying the game. Saw there isn’t a paypal option. Will there eventually be a Paypal option?

    • Thanks! Unfortunately our paypal got deactivated because they don’t allow any mature products

      If you don’t have a credit card, you can pick up a paysafecard at many locations worldwide: https://www.paysafecard.com/

      Almost all convenience and grocery stores also have disposable prepaid debit gift cards you can buy with cash only — haven’t tried those yet, but they will probably work (you may need to follow special instructions, so check the flier it comes with)

  2. i cant wait to see what new things this game brings but also there are a few things i would love to see happen to that could turn into a lot of fun:

    1.) Item throw away/trash: so you can take items on the ground or in inventory and trash them instead of leaving them on the dropping them and leaving them on the ground. Example when i first got to the slug girls they drop breast cream and vaginagro and i framed them for those items but they keep dropping C-cup latex bras which crowd the in world items it displays.

    2.) Dragon Temple: would be nice to be able to get back in and fight some more dragon guards for items they drop and to be able to return to the Nixie Boss like you can the Naga Queen Boss.

    3.) Cowgirl Farm: would be nice it Micky would return to his normal spot (if you don’t make him a cowgirl) that he was in while you where forced to be a cowgirl and let you fight him and be forced to be a cowgirl again or if you turn Micky into a cowgirl then you can go and use him same with cowgirl Sasha if you turn her. after becoming human again it says the machine has both the reversion code and transformation code in it and would be nice if you could then return and use it to become a cowgirl or become human. it would also be nice if after you escape the farm if you didn’t have to keep entering the code to bet back in and out.

    4.) Cleansed Cursed Item Shop: whenever you get a cursed item taken off it would be nice to have it added to a shop in the Underworld Church, including the Dragon Queen Collar which i would much enjoy being able to get again because it causes continuous pregnancy and oviposition. these items would be uncursed so you can take them off.

    5.) Breeding Item: would be awesome to have a item that was similar to the Dragon Queen Collar that makes you super fertile and thus you get pregnant constantly and then it forces you to speed though the pregnancy in about the same time as the Dragon Queen Collar did.

    6.) Hybrid items: I’d love to see an item that give multiple species affects… like one that causes heat like catgirls get and pregnancy (like the breeding item i suggested or the oviposition of the dragon queen collar) giving you more side effects that you have to deal with and work around… affects that could be involved would be pregnancy or oviposition, heat, lactation, breast grown (all the way to massive H-cup), vagina growth, penis growth (all the way to 14 inch ultramassive), vagina shrinkage (down to nothing) and penis shrinkage(down to nothing), would especially love to see an item that did all of these at once with the exception of vagina/penis growth/shrink since they cant have both at the same time but could have both grow or one grow and the other shrink but couldn’t have pregnancy if its making the vagina shrink.

    …. I’m sure my twisted mind will think of other things. but these would all be fun

    • I loved pretty much all those things! Ditto on the rechallenging Nixie and/or Micky. I’d love to see what happens if you lose and are forced to become a dragon queen or a cowgirl again. Extra security in the areas and such to keep you in place this time. ^^

    • Another thing that would be cool when you defeat someone instead of just “use” you have options.
      so assuming you are both herm you would have like:
      1.) Use Vagina: where you fuck them using your cock with their vagina
      2.) Use Cock: where they fuck you with their cock in your vagina
      3.) Anal Give: you fuck them in the ass
      4.) Anal Receive: where they fuck you in the ass
      5.) Titty Fuck give or receive
      6.) Oral: this is a big one itself cause could give or receive for both cock and vagina
      7.) Flavor Use: this is dependent on who you defeated. if it was a cowgirl you could drink from them, Dragon Guards use their tails to pleasure your vagina

      some of these would need a menu of themself so you would pick the action in one menu then give or receive in the next menu unless you are only capable or one action like if you select vaginal but you dont have have so it would automatically fuck them in theirs.
      and of course all of these can be augmented by what else you have like if you are lactating they could drink while they fuck you.

    • could also have it where if your acceptance is high enough then when you win an encounter you can choose to give in too and willingly be transformed to whatever they are if its something that can do that since i know not all of them will transform you if you loose.

    • Great ideas! Thank you for sharing. Replaying areas is a big change for some of the dungeons, but I think it would be worthwhile.

  3. Having trouble getting through the farm after getting the reversion code, any tips? I found the TV, but I always end up passing out shortly after using it once.

  4. Say how for a along are you with your current update? I’m excited to see new transformations or a new chapter in general.

    • I am currently working on getting the wiki set up, which is almost done. It will be available to everyone to view & edit.

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