r19 – Save/Load Added

r19 adds support for saving game progress.  The Underworld uses cloud saves so you don’t have to worry about losing your savegame due to Flash cookies going missing.  You can resume play between browser clears, incognito mode toggles and even across devices.

The save system is new and highly experimental.  Save files saved on one version may not necessarily be compatible with all future releases.  If you have trouble loading a save file which was both saved and attempted to be loaded on the latest released version, then please leave the save file as-is and report it as a bug.  Include: 1) your account name, 2) the save file number, and 3) the build number.

This feature will be available to public build players with the release of the next public build, which is planned to be r20.

Research staff can download r19 from the private employee intranet as either SWF (Flash) or APK (Android).

15 thoughts on “r19 – Save/Load Added

  1. What’s planned for r20? Any new chapters? Been itching to play a new portion of this game. That or game overs. <3

    • r20 is planned to be a public build and will probably be bug fixes or other small improvements — that way the public build can be very stable. r21 would be a good time to do larger changes like a new chapter (but the plan for r21 isn’t set in stone yet)

        • I’m avoiding putting in bad ends because I think ‘game over’ isn’t as much fun as the player getting stuck and having to work hard to get out of a situation (which is why most of the chapters are like that). However, more egg related content is always good and you can expect to see more eggs sometime in the future.

  2. Hey! Just found the game, and let me tell you, I cannot get enough of it! Unfortunately, I has no moneys, and can’t become a backer 🙁
    So would you mind telling me when you normally release public builds? Like, is it once every five months, or do you just do it whenever?

  3. Hey there, I can’t seem to do any of the saving or loading. It just says “Connecting to server.” I let this run nearly all night with no luck… other than that awesome game!

    • Thanks! I found and fixed a bug this week that might fix this — that fix will be in the next build.

      Were you playing in a downloaded SWF or an in-browser SWF when this happened? Did it die on the login/register screen or the next screen: save slot list? Just to see if you can consistently get the error, have you tried both in-browser vs downloaded version? Does your network have a proxy or firewall?

      • in browser it worked, downloaded did not. It stuck at the login/register screen consistantly. No firewalls or proxy usd. Otherwise I can’t see any real reason, just the downloaded version.

  4. Do ya have a twitter/anything we can keep tabs on the progress with?? I really like this game, and I’m DYING for more content!

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