r20 – Public Build

r20 is released in both public and private versions.  Since r19, the changes are:

  • Bug fixes for Cloud Save – This should fix the issue where downloading the SWF caused save/load to stop working
  • Autologin feature (for private builds) – It can be annoying to have to login every time you play the game to save/load, so now private builds do this automatically.  Each downloaded SWF is now customized for the logged in user so login credentials don’t have to be typed in again after download.  Currently APK does not support this, but it may be supported in future.

If you haven’t played since the last public build, the major new public feature are:

  • Custom Name Entry
    Research subjects can now enter their own names instead of using default assigned ones.  Both masculine and feminine versions will be prompted for.  If the subject’s sex changes, then they will start to refer to themselves using the alternate name upon reaching 100% acceptance.
  • Save/Load
    The Underworld uses cloud saves so you don’t have to worry about losing your savegame due to Flash cookies going missing.  You can resume play between browser clears, incognito mode toggles and even across devices.The save system is new and highly experimental.  Save files saved on one version may not necessarily be compatible with all future releases.  If you have trouble loading a save file which was both saved and attempted to be loaded on the latest released version, then please leave the save file as-is and report it as a bug.  Include: 1) your account name, 2) the save file number, and 3) the build number.
  • Mobile/APK support
    On the splash screen, there is now a button you can press to enter a new mode which makes the game much easier to play on phone / tablet / touch devices.  It modifies the UI layout by increasing the size and distance between the buttons and resizing various other UI components.  Text windows can also now be scrolled by swiping them up/down.  Button hover states are removed in this mode since touchscreens will often keep the cursor at the last touched location.For players on Android, an APK build has been created that you can install directly as an app.  This web page has some tips on how to install APKs.  The game will try to detect if its on a touchscreen or not, but if it fails, just toggle between Desktop Mode and Mobile Mode by using the new button on the start up page.

It’s been a while since there was a content build, so r21 will be new content sexytimes.

9 thoughts on “r20 – Public Build

  1. Can we get some feature that either allows us to delete stuff in our inventory or deletes non-quest related items/items deemed non-important on the ground when you sleep.

  2. it would be neat to have an anthro polar bear character or raccoon character that if allowed to gorge itself will fatten up to where it becomes immobile

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