Monster Mod: Kitsune

NathiriRuby has written the first player created monster mod: a hyper herm Kitsune.  A challenging foe, the Kitsune is best faced by well prepared players and includes over 3,000 words of sexy hyper action.

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  1. we need more dragon tf meaning more eggs utile you become immoble and if this is the case(you are immoble becuase eggs keep multiplying and growing) you would need to fource the eggs out of your pussy 😀 The eggs are so large it is painfull to push out and they will only come out if you force them with you will need to do if you want to move 😀 please add somthing like that 😀

  2. Will there be an update soon for story? It’s been quite a long time now with no progress updates. ^^; Heck, even the public builds are caught up with the private ones. Just wondering since the stories in each are really good and I’m just wondering if more is coming soon.

  3. Sorry it is taking so long, but thanks for the words of encouragement!

    In the upcoming chapter, you meet your ride across the vast desert area, Hanako. She is a Lizland, a creature engineered to be your steed in the challenging desert terrain. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like being ridden, and she’ll soon try to turn the tables on you. Will you leave the desert as the rider… or the mount?

    • I can’t wait! 🙂

      I’ve really enjoyed the story and themes thus far!

      Just out of curiousity, do you have, or have you considered starting a Patreon? I’ve already bought the private access, but it’d be nice to know if I can still contribute to future builds.

      • Thank you!

        I don’t have a patreon (yet). Might be a good idea since that’s the only way to accept paypal payments for adult games (also, all the cool devs are over there).

    • I’m hoping it comes out soon! I’ve been wanting to experience more for ages. I do have a question regarding content as well. A bit weird but, will there be any fat things that fight and try to hump at you? I know I’d enjoy that.

      • There might be, but I don’t have any plans for that yet. Would make sense to have an inflation specific enemy somewhere though.

        In the meanwhile, sounds like a good character for someone to write as a monster mod 😉

  4. Heya! Wondering if there will be any more logic triggers for the Monster Creator. I would definitely like being able to change specific parts of the player’s body, and reference them, especially for the descriptions!

    Also wondering if there will be end-game scenarios in which you will be sent back to the last time you slept? Or perhaps trapping the player in an infinite loop of actions? Of course there will have to be advances in the cloud save functionality… But I’m eager to learn more about what’s going on in the background here! Thanks for any answers.

    • Good idea! Having more text conditions that can check for a better variety of player states is possible.

      Changing the player through the text parser would not work so well in my engine, but it could be possible to expand the mod system so you can define new custom TF items and whole new transformation types.

      The end game isn’t fully planned out yet, but I have some rough (and probably too ambitious :P) plans about having an alternate replayable version of each dungeon open up after some event in the story’s finale.

      • Awesome! I’m liking what’s in place so far, just need a few more operators to flesh out some rando monsters I made, I would appreciate what you come up with there!

        I was thinking more like the parser could send instructions to the transformation system but yeah! That would be sweet.

        Can’t wait to see what else you have in store c:

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