SCLab 1.0

SCLab is a utility to create and edit mods for The Underworld.

Currently, you can use it to create monsters to fight with in-game in a six step process.

  • 1Start
  • 2Stats
  • 3Write
  • 4Player Victory
  • 5Player Defeat
  • 6Export

Get started

Creating your own monsters is easy and requires no programming knowledge.

Just follow this wizard's six steps:

  1. Click New Monster below
  2. Define monster's stats, such as level, HP, attack damage, etc
  3. Write text for the monster's various actions and descriptions
  4. Specify what happens if player wins
  5. Specify what happens if player loses
  6. Export the monster into the game and play it!

Monster's Name / Type

Monster Stats

Health Points

Lust Points

Damage Monster causes to Player

damage per hit

lust increase per hit

Damage Player causes to Monster

On Player's Victory

On Player's Defeat


Congratulations! You have created a new monster for The Underworld.

Now you can copy and paste this monster in the Debug Monster Control Panel in the Debug Room. You can use the Prev button above to go back and tune the monster further.

If you like your new monster, consider posting it to the mod registry!

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