Modding Video Tutorial for Windows Users

I have recorded a video tutorial on how to setup, compile, and run LUA programs on Windows machines.

If you were previously having trouble, it’s likely due to b64’s tendancy to include line break characters.  I’ve demonstrated a new method in the tutorial and on the wiki page that uses a different program instead.

6 thoughts on “Modding Video Tutorial for Windows Users

    • It is a bit harder than I would like currently. In future, I hope to make it as easy as just clicking a check box.

      Meanwhile though, you can find the Monster Control Panel in the debug rooms, and copy/paste the JSON text from a mod page to the text box on the control panel room in-game. I can try to do a video for it, but there’s also this one at the bottom of the page which might help (ignore the “JSON Lint” webpage)

  1. This is perfect. Anyone can do exactly what you have shown to make one now, I think. I can see about making a “insert text here” for basic tf items that people can fill out to make more generic creatures.
    NP++ is great. Diddnt know it had the b64 natively. At least I remember seeing it there for every pc I installed it on when looking for things in it.
    I guess the main problem I had was using cmd and the lua compiler together. Never done anything like that and the syntax is strange.

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