r24 – Transformation Mods + Business Model Changeover

Bunch of updates today:

r24 is released with Transformation Mods!  Create your own species to transform into, including the exact method of transforming into it.  Check out this wiki page to learn how to make your very own transformations.

New login system is also included in the r24 build.  Full details in the previous post, but the big feature is that android users will no longer need to type their password in each time they want to access save/load.

Giraffe TF is the first transformation mod, check it out here if you like giraffes or just want to see how to make a TF mod.

February 1 patrons have been processed and should now have access to the game.  A few people didn’t have their account linked, so check your Patreon inboxes for next steps.

The business model of the game has been updated as per the last couple posts.  BMT payment options have been updated along with Patreon reward tiers.  If you hadn’t seen those posts yet, please take a look for the details.

5 thoughts on “r24 – Transformation Mods + Business Model Changeover

  1. How exactly do you run the lua code from the command line. The tutorial on the wiki isn’t helpful for actually setting it up, it just says what to download. Not how to use it.
    Like I can make the code easy. But compiling it to luac and then converting to b64 isn’t well documented. At least getting to the point of entering the commands you enter. Google isn’t even helping much. That or I’m losing my touch with google-fu.
    Windows steps recorder might be useful for doing a step by step setup and execution from lua to luac to b64

    • Ah, I think I see the problem. The windows b64 command is inserting line breaks into the output, which is probably causing the problem. Notepad++’s MIME Tools plugin can do base64 without line breaks. I’ll see if I can record a video and update the wiki.

  2. Frankly this price change seems ridiculous to me. The game suddenly goes from a fee of 15 dollars to 120 dollars a year if there is a new version every month. I had planned to buy the game but I now can no longer afford to. This is more than buying an actual video game that has graphics and is commercially available.

    • “an actual video game”…. ouch :'(

      Anyway, if you mean something like comparing to Call of Duty or whatever, I think a comparison to a mass-market video game is kind of irrelevant because they’re totally separate products made in dramatically different ways.

      But if you really want to make a comparison to Call of Duty, just remember they’re charging $60 for the base game, $50 for a season pass, and who knows how much in loot crate microtransactions. At least here you know what you’re paying up-front and you don’t have to waste time and money gambling on loot crates.

  3. Hey, occasional silent lurker here. I had planned to buy your game at some point too, probably after the proper “full release” but getting rid of the “one-time” fee is just ridiculous. A monthly fee is something to expect from a MMO, but not a text based game. I do understand that maybe since the first release of the game its value changed since you added a ton of content, but 120 bucks a year?! That’s seems extremely disproportionate and a huge paywall that will block a lot of potential “buyers”.
    I’m trying to compare this game to Flexible Survival, a text based game that is entirely free to everyone but with its Patreon propose to add a lot of content (to any player!) depending of the amount of support. That’s a better solution, why isn’t possible to have that system here also?
    Also, I understand wanting to give rewards to Patreons, they are your major way of revenue, but I don’t feel like this new price changed anything for them. You just… axed another way to support your work.

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