Pricing Changes + New Build Coming

Thanks to everyone who filled out last week’s survey.  The majority of people polled thought it would be fair for the game to move to a monthly payment model instead of a fixed price, with the leading suggestion being $10.  So, I will be making this change at the end of the week after the Patreon pledges for Feb 1 go through.

I’m appreciative for everyone who supported this plan — as the base game content wraps up, I think this is the simplest and fairest way to support ongoing releases.  I think 10 is the right balance between making it accessible, but also being large enough to support the game as the game’s focus is extremely niche and only appeals to a small number of people.

As a reminder, this doesn’t change anything for people who already bought the game (or buys before Feb 1) — you’ll still have access to updates to the base game as always.  This is only affecting new purchasers, as well as people who want to get DLC later on.

After Patreon finishes the Feb 1 pledges, I’ll be changing the tiers as indicated in the previous blog to reflect the monthly system.  I’ll also be releasing the new private build at that point (so probably Thursday or Friday).

In addition to Transformation Mods, the new build will also have a new login system that can remember your login credentials between sessions — no more constantly typing your password for android players!  Since it’s all automated now, the login screen is now the start-up screen for private build players.  Ideally you won’t even notice this since your credentials are already stored.  If you’re offline, it shouldn’t break anything as long as you’ve previously played online sometime within the last month.  Hopefully this new system will make playing the game a lot more seamless, especially for mobile players.  When the game eventually switches off of Flash, this system will be useful for desktop players as well.

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  1. hello nya~! <3 inya the wiki or this research blog, will there be nya transformation mod list that gets updated often nya?

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