Sept 1 Patrons Processed

If you backed on Patreon for the billing cycle on Sept 1st, that’s now been processed and you should have access to your builds in the employee intranet.  Thanks for your support!

There’s about six things left to complete until the ch6 functionality is complete, and then I’ll release a missing text WIP build.  Then I’ll get the remaining text written up and release the full private build.  It’s a bit ambitious, but my goal is for both builds to release in the next two weeks.

Midway through the writing phase, I might also release a teaser snippet of the writing to patreon supporters as a non-interactive text story, and then sometime after ch6 releases, post that snippet publicly (similar to the snippet from chapter 4).

Probably will also do another community feature vote at the end of the month also, so keep on brainstorming ideas and I’ll choose my favorites for the vote.


One thought on “Sept 1 Patrons Processed

  1. since nyim first here my best vote for the community would be text and voice changes to the main character whenever shes turned into any form nya~ meows, nyas and cat like speech for catgirl TF, ribbits and croaks for frog girl TF, mind, personality and possibly voice changes for slug girl TF.

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