Discord Patreon Rewards

Finally got around to setting up the Discord rewards for patrons.  There’s special roles for the Supporter tier and the WIP build tier.  The roles grant you a special chat color for your name and access to a hidden chat room (#research-lab).

If you’re a patron, click here to learn how to get your role.

In future, I’d like to add a role + room for all private / full game backers – possibly one for each faction so you can represent your favorite.  But that’s all going to probably require writing a custom discord bot, so it’ll be something I worry about later.

2 thoughts on “Discord Patreon Rewards

  1. well that’s purretty good nyand nyall but, we’re nearing the end nyof August so nyis the chapter nyand TF’s just nyabout finyished nya? nyim still patient but nyim just nyasking nya.

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