Planned Chapters

Chapter six is coming along great and should release to all private backers either at the end of this month or the first few weeks of next month.  Prior to the private release, I plan to do a missing text release to WIP backers once the chapter is functionality complete but before I’ve written the remaining chapter text.

I realized it’s been two years since the last new chapter, and I think that has to do a lot with the scope creep for this chapter — the number of new systems implemented / to be implemented for it got a little ridiculous (ie: multiple map support, large map support, text editor, pathfinding, movable NPCs, hands being bound, ability for you to ride certain npcs, ability for certain npcs to ride you, etc)

Anyway, chapter 7 should be lighter than chapter 6, so hopefully will be able to get future chapters done faster and actually finish the story.  I do want to get to a point where this is a complete game, and most essential to that goal is completing all the story chapters.  The overarching story was mapped out years ago, but for some reason I never shared it.  So for the first time I’d like to share the final planned chapter list:

  • Chapter 1: First Transformation
  • Chapter 2: The Swamp
  • Chapter 3: The Dragon Temple
  • Chapter 4: Cowgirl Farm
  • Chapter 5: The Pound
  • Chapter 6: Dinoian Desert
  • Chapter 7: Aquatic TF / Aquarium
  • Chapter 8: Latex Doll TF
  • Chapter 9: The Big Finale
  • ( Chapter X / End Game )

By the end of chapter nine, all the story threads should be neatly completed.  At between 20~60 minutes per chapter, that puts one playthrough of the game probably somewhere around five hours at a guess.  I also want to have chapter 9 have one ending per faction, so depending on how you beat the chapters with faction-specific endings (Chapter 6 has three different endings, each with their own strategies for unlocking), that’ll affect which ending you get later on (note that faction points currently aren’t being tracked, so you’ll have to re-beat chapters 1~8 before 9 comes out).

If your favorite TF isn’t saurian, aquatic, or latex — don’t worry, I’m still planning to add additional non-story enemies and transformations, so keep those suggestions coming.

Chapter X is in parenthesis because it’s tentative.  It’s not a story chapter so much as it is my secret plan for adding a lot of replayability and letting you experience the content from chapter 1 ~ chapter 9 again in a different way.  It’s also a massive amount of rework, so I’m not going to guarantee it’ll happen for sure yet.  Even if chapter X doesn’t happen, you’ll still be able to replay chapters 1~9 and go for each of the three different faction endings.

There’s some other large projects, like mod support for custom TFs and areas, that I’d also like to get in — but due to their size don’t want to guarantee yet.  My goal right now is to get to a complete game and try not to let myself scope creep too much along the way.

11 thoughts on “Planned Chapters

  1. One future idea, a (cursed or not?)pendant that you can customize like the monster mods except you put in any description for each stage of the transformation.
    So an any creature/any effect based on fields/appendages already available, flavor texts you call them on the wiki. Then even further off more, even more ‘fields’
    If you want, I wouldnt mind helping for free. As a CS major I love to learn more languages.

    • I’d love to support custom TF’s like this! While it’s technically possible, it hasn’t been a priority yet since the monster mod system only ever got one user created monster. Still, I’ll consider adding it to the next poll in case people want it.

      As for helping, I don’t have a good process for this yet — but feel free to hang out in the discord chat in the meanwhile and you can hear my curses at AS3 😛

      • Maybe I should reinstall discord. Everyone is saying I should at least.
        Well, The hardest part would be presentation for others to interact with it. I think the platform you have for others to use is fine, but basic. If you want to do anything special you need to go above and beyond. Plus that has many scenes whereas pendants are a few lines comparatively.
        Maybe if this was implemented it would take off faster as it would be easier to create.
        Ideas for additions to the current platform for creating monsters, add a button for the ‘flavor’ or body part and have it generate formatted text(if this then that sort of thing) from that maybe? The average user doesnt know how to parse text like that at least. Also, if you could make it only tf certain parts and leave it at that, that could make it interesting, mix n match? because all others are available through items as is.

        Sorry for the long post, ill find discord now. I could explain more then. Maybe help code too?

  2. please tell me that their will be ending liek you cant be transformed back to human and if you are like a hyper pregnant always pregnant dragon somthing happens and like dinosors also.

    also with the male transformations that their balls are too huge and produce so much cum that they get tested on and stuff like that since they cant move since they are too heavy 😀 hand also have way to hyper thick and long cock 😀

  3. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ENDING WITH YOU BEING THE DRAGON QUEEN AND YOU GAVE BIRTH SO MANY TIMES THAT THE EGG AMOUNT DOUBLES So YOU NEED TO BIRTH A LOT FASTER AND IF THAT ALSO DOUBLES YOU NEED TO BIRTH EVERY TIME YOU MOVE. Then if it doubles again, you can no longer move and that triggers the player getting placed it the throne room and gets fucked a lot by the male dragons, you can still try to escape (the male dragon would transport you around since you cant move and he is supper strong so he fights for you :D) is their but you would need to convince the males to give it to you since you cant move… but if you fail that is when the new ending happens. you cry a lot since you don’t want to be this queen birthing eggs forever while you just will be now fucked forever 😀

    how does that sound 0..o

  4. anyway, I’m surprised by this announced aquatic TF. <3 will there be like mermaid TFs and such? octopus girls with tentacle for hair and arms or nereids? *wonders happily at the possibilities*

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