r20.5 WIP Released – Ch6 missing text build

WIP build 20.5 is now available.  This build contains the full set of functionality for chapter six, however, doesn’t have much of the text to go with it.  This means you can now beat chapter six with this build, but without the text to hint at the solutions, it will be very difficult to do so.

As always, it’s recommended to save to a different slot for WIP builds. Some of the text is copied into the save file, so some missing text will carry through save files if you play on WIP and then play on a Private build.

Here’s some new features of note:

Dinoian pregnancy – dinoians are highly fertile and will usually lay one set of eggs per mating session.

Alternate voice – thanks to their extra girthy tongues and saurian vocal cords, dinoians cannot speak english.  Instead, they make expressive warbling noises.  Some NPCs will try to understand from your hand gestures, while others will mistake you for a beast and shoo you away.

Wrist bindings – when your wrists are bound, you are unable to pick up or drop most objects, and will not be able to use certain other objects.

Monstrous vagina sizes – two new vagina sizes have been added.  At these monstrously large sizes, you won’t derive any satisfaction from sex with normally endowed individuals — instead you’ll need to seek out exceptionally large partners.  Not all NPCs have been updated for this system, but NPCs in chapter 6 are configured appropriately.

If you backed at the WIP backer level for the September 1 Patreon cycle, head to the employee intranet to download your copy.  Otherwise, chapter six will be done soon including a private build release.

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