July Feature Vote

I just posted a community vote over on Patreon.  The primary focus of current development is on chapter six content, but I’ll try to get one extra feature done.  What should it be?

  • Rework intro so you can choose your reaction (affects initial acceptance rate).
  • Shop where you can sell loot.
  • Succubus class or status or item: Gain HP via sex, but not via health items or rest.
  • Click on minimap for larger map.
  • Catgirl voice for chapter 5.
  • Frog TF.

If you’re a patron, vote here before August 1.  There’s only six patrons currently, so you have good odds on getting to choose the next feature!

One thought on “July Feature Vote

  1. nyif the frog girl tf vote wins, meowbe whenya the main character gets turned inyato one by losing to a frog girl their voice nyand text becomes frog like with ribbits more often nya? just saying this nyot trying to stress nyu nyout nya.

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