July 1 Patreon Backers Access Granted

For the backers who pledged last month, private build access has been granted if your card was successfully charged (download at the employee intranet).

If your card was declined, then you did not receive private build access (but also werenโ€™t billed anything either).

For WIP backers, the upcoming build will have a proof-of-concept system allowing you to ride Hanako.ย  You’ll now need to either be riding Hanako or have Dinoian Boots in order to not get hurt while traveling on the scorching hot sand of the desert (one of these options is more permanent than the other ;)).

There’s also a bug fix incoming for room tags not being loaded during load from save file — this manifested as sometimes respawning in the wrong place after loading from a save file (a fresh start worked okay).

14 thoughts on “July 1 Patreon Backers Access Granted

  1. Hi there, I’ve voiced my concerns some time ago about the status of the private build for those who, from a long time ago, spent the 15 dollars for access. At that time I’m fairly certain the promise was “once a month updates”. While I recognize that this might not be a possible thing to uphold, its a little disheartening that you’ve let those who bought in sit and watch while patreon only features advance seemingly quickly. It has been… if the update notes on the build page are correct 10 months since an actual update to the official private build.
    This is mostly just a concern/whine post, to try and draw attention to something that I’ve noticed. Thank you for your time and I really have enjoyed the work you’ve put forward so far, and would love to actually play it some time! Thanks again!

    • I’m sorry chapter 6 is taking so long. I agree ten months is too long. Unfortunately it’s a combination of being a part time dev and making the chapter too big. I also have to learn a lot about how to do things along the way (this is my first project in Flash and I often end up rewriting things).

      Regarding WIP builds: Hopefully I’m not making them sound too good in the blog posts. I tried to convey this on the patreon page, but these builds are incomplete and as such not a particularly great gameplay experience. If it weren’t for WIP builds, nothing would have filtered into private builds yet as it’s just not ready. This is why WIP builds are intentionally expensive — so fewer people play them, and those that do carefully consider whether it’s really worth it to see some proof of concept code (for most people, the answer should be wait until it’s actually ready).

      TLDR: Sorry ๐Ÿ™

      • I’m encouraged that you took the time to reply. This was a bit of a harsh commentary and I apologize for that. I was just frustrated mostly. That all makes sense. And I’m glad you’re at least putting something out rather then silently working on stuff and not saying anything. I do really love what you’ve made so far and look forward to the next update!

  2. i can’t save the game since (i think) the login textbox in the flash seems to only allow 20 characters for the password entry. can you make it so more characters can be entered?

    • I’d like to do this, but there’s two challenges:

      1) Syncing up the patreon database and our database. Patreon’s API doesn’t provide payment confirmation information, so right now this is done through their monthly CSV dump. I’m not sure if they listen to feedback, but encourage them to enhance their API if you can.

      2) I’m not cool enough to have access to the instant-charge feature yet anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Oh, also, I am a cheapling. Would a single month of the $100 be enough for a cameo? Probably not enough to have the name meet a bad end, but still :B

      • No hope of a big one? And can I just paypal you $20 if I don’t want to put up with Patreon’s platform nonsense if I decide to just do the WIP builds?

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