Private Build r20.01 Released

If you saved during chapter 5 and are encountering a problem loading the game, try the new r20.01 build.  This is otherwise the same build as r20 but with a fix for this savegame issue.

Available now in the Employee Intranet in SWF & APK.

17 thoughts on “Private Build r20.01 Released

  1. hello again. <3 have you still thought about adding in voice changes to the main character whenever shes a slug girl, catgirl, cowgirl, succubus or frog girl? even with high acceptance?

  2. well maybe you could… I don’t know… sneak in those voice changes to the main character while you finish up the chapter?

  3. nya~ nyim nya very cute catgirl nya! <3 nyi love to cuddle with someowone nya~ nyoh this will be purrfect nya~ <3 do nyu want to pet meow nya?

  4. by the way this nyis how nyi nyormally talk cause nyi love catgirls nya~ <3 but nyi still love nyother monster girl too nya.

  5. nyi canya give nyu nyother examples nyof the text being cat like while the main character nyis a catgirl nya. would that be nyalright nya?

  6. Have you considered making it so you can go back to chapters/areas you’ve beaten and be able to TF into what the theme was there for fun as sort of like an optional fun thing and replayablility ?:o For example when you re enter the dragon temple you get turned into a dragon queen or at least a dragon male or female .

    Also another suggestion , chapter completion dialogue would be awesome or like if you go back you can talk to bosses youve beaten or have special dialogue with them .

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