r11 – bug fix & public build

This build is primarily a bug fix build, as well as being a public release of the non-story chapter content thus far.  For public players, this is the first release of weight/height/panda/normal dragon tfs, the shop system, and chapter skip system.

  • Wrote foxgirl victory sex
  • Fixed bug that would cause screen to get stuck if item/enemy name changed while it was being looked at
  • Fixed bug where panda tf would cause dragon tf descriptions
  • Fixed bug where defeating naga would cause crash
  • Added panda necklace to the tf shop
  • Game text XML organization improved
  • Indicate where end of story content is for public build
  • Bamboo is now one-use only (like the other tf items)
  • Cleaned up some old room descriptions
  • Fixed else-if statements not being parsed correctly (was especially visible in naga queen victory text).

5 thoughts on “r11 – bug fix & public build

  1. Glad to see a bug fix and a few new updates ^-^ hope development has been going good too! Can’t wait for the next build :3

  2. Can you expand the farm content please?
    I really like that chapter :3

    • No release date is set yet, but it will probably include at least one new TF. Feel free to suggest some here

  3. Maybe you have to go steal more info from a testing lab of some sorts? Introduce a new character similar to how Trixie was introduced and then have a new TF you’re trying to fight along the way?

    TF ideas: Female/male anthro cat, female/male anthro dog, male/female mouse, etc.

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