r10 – Shop System

r10 materials are now uploaded to the employee portal.

  • Shop System added.  There are seven shops currently, each with their own selection of goods.
    • Some goods are available for purchase immediately.  Other goods must be unlocked by finding them in the world first.  The shopkeeper will give you a hint on how to unlock the item.
    • Shops use a new/different navigation system then inventory does.  This seems easier to use, and may replace inventory’s nav system.
    • NOTE:  Some shop items are unlocked by defeating the enemies in the Dragon Temple.  Unfortunately, the enemies in there don’t respawn and there’s currently no way to get back in there after you leave.  In future, these items will either be assigned to different enemies, or there will be a way to re-run the dragon temple dungeon again.
  • Normal anthro dragon TF added.  You unlock the Dragon Gem in the TF shop once you have defeated the Dragon Temple.  Transforms you into a normal anthro dragon (doesn’t affect gender or eggs).  Unlike the Dragon Queen, normal dragons have a hideable tail and wings, so they can blend in better / escape the Underworld when needed.
  • Fixed infinite-death loop where if you were cow TF’ed outside the farm, you’d never be able to reach the farm in time to be milked before dying a milk death.  (Cows now respawn in the farm if they have no way to milk themselves)


9 thoughts on “r10 – Shop System

  1. cant wait to see this new update
    tengo ganas de poder ver esta nueva actualización

  2. The Naga queen will crash the game if you click the use option after defeating her. Also I discovered that when you come back through you should not click on the Naga Queen at all as it opens an empty option screen with no way of backing out.

    Its just a little game ending glitch that I thought I would point out. Especially since there is no save system as of yet.

    • Thanks for the report. I think I’ve now fixed the last ‘stuck on empty option screen’ bugs for the next build. I’ll take a look at the Naga queen issue as well (if it’s also an empty screen issue, it’s probably fixed also with the same change)

  3. Looking forward to all of the future updates, may be putting some cash down soon enough on this game!

    • It isn’t a bad investment. A one time payment gets you access to the private builds for life. The gameplay is kinda fun even at this stage of development.

      I would love to see some form of a true leveling system though. Even if it kept a silent tally of points gathered and when you hit enough points it would award you a level gem in a drop.

  4. i cant get the privet build i bought this like 1 month ago but i cant do it.

    • Your account name with access is ‘states’ (note the one s at the end, not two)

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