Plans for r10 & r11

Dear Researchers,

Here are the tentative plans for the upcoming r10 & r11 materials release:

r10 will be another private build, and will properly introduce Shops into the game so you have a place to spend the cash you earn in-game.  Each item will need to be found in the world before it unlocks in the shop, but you’ll be able to get a quick hint for each item from the respective shop keeper.  Multiple different shops are planned, each carrying a particular category of item.

The navigation for the shop is a little different than inventory navigation, but it should be easier to use.  Inventory may get redone to use this new nav system if the research team likes it better.

After that, r11 is planned to be a public build.  It will not include the cowgirl chapter, but it will include the item shops, height & weight systems, and panda TFs.

11 thoughts on “Plans for r10 & r11

  1. there needs to be some sort of save system in the game also my privit build does not work because i dont have the downloade link for it even thoght i payed for it 🙁

    • Agree about the save system

      Regarding your account, you do have access under the username ‘states’ — you have a duplicate account (statess) that does not have access.

  2. please respond to this also for the dragon queen tf if you lose to the girl you get filled with a ton more eggs and becomes imposible to win so you can keep geting bigger but you will need to submit in the end also if you do bet her but lost a cuple of times when removing the dragon collar you will not be able to put it on anyone else and you are fully cursed with the collar meaning the transfomation is perminent and you will give birththe reast of your life please do this. 🙂

      • Is it possible we can just be a normal dragon after the dragon queen questline?

        • Good idea. I’ve added for r10 a red dragon TF, which is a normal dragon TF (doesn’t affect gender or cause egg laying)

      • If our acceptance level reached the max it could go to or if we over used a TF item, maybe it could result in a bad ending where we submit to the changes? (I know it’s been done in tons of games but I’d love to see it done in this one also).

        Keep pushing out updates too! Love to see how much progress is being made! :3

  3. Will there ever be a way of reconciling with Nixie, so that the end result with her is a little less depressing. What I mean is, that she was simply looking for companionship, but went about getting it the wrong way. Maybe have a way for the player to offer to visit her from time to time and hang out or something? I just thought I’d ask, because she seemed like she could be a really great character, but gets kind of a bum deal in the end. Sort of like the player’s character I guess.

    • I don’t want to spoil it, but this is not the last you’ve seen of Nixie 😉

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