r9 – Chapter 4: Cowgirl Farm

This chapter begins right after the Nixie story arc ends.  As you’re leaving the Dragon Temple, you realize that even though you’re no longer a Dragon Queen, you’re still stuck in The Underworld due to your unhideable dragon wings and tail.  A shadowy figure appears and claims to have a solution.  Who are the VCiV organization, and what do they want?

Soon you’re off to infiltrate The Farm, a new dungeon filled with Cowgirls.  But the resident minotaur overseeing the farm has his own plans, and you end up getting trapped there yourself — you are transformed into a cowgirl, complete with massive breasts and a heaving udder.  As you explore the farm as its newest member, your body will constantly produce prodigious  quantities of milk.  Due to your new hoof hands, you’ll be forced to seek out others who can milk you, all while trying to find an escape route and defending yourself from the other lustful cowgirls and the part-horse farm hands.  Will you be able to escape the farm, or will you succumb to the pleasures of your milky new life?

Along the way, you’ll learn a bit about SkyCorp’s shadowy past and meet seven new characters.  This is by far the largest chapter yet, with more than 10,000 words and multiple scripted sequences.  If you’ve played before, the new Chapter Skip feature lets you get right to the new content.  Two different endings are available as you escape the farm, which will affect your standings with SkyCorp or VCiV in future events.

As this is a story chapter outside the Nixie story arc, it will only ever be available to private build supporters.  Play it now on the Private Builds page!

8 thoughts on “r9 – Chapter 4: Cowgirl Farm

  1. [quote]As this is a story chapter outside the Nixie story arc, it will only ever be available to private build supporters.

    Yeah, this is how games like this die a slow, lingering death.

    Compare the userbase of game that pulled this absolute paywall stunt, like Loren Ipsun’s Hill House, to delayed paywall games, like Trials in Tainted Space, and Flexible Survival.

    • I agree, I bet sometime he could just abandon it. 15 dollars is a bit too much to play just for a text game. The people who can’t pay should be able to play the older versions because the public build is 4 builds behind.

    • What? Your (dudedude123) argument makes no sense.

      I have much MORE motivation to post updates because there is financial incentive to do so. The majority of sales happens when an update is posted, so it’s in my benefit to keep posting updates.

      • Yeah updates are good but you should make a kickstarter or patreon and keep us more updated on more websites. You should make it so that people who pay get one build early and the others get it later.

  2. The content in this game is really short in each chapter even the cowgirl chapter is too short.

  3. you’re putting a paywall up on a game thats not even remotely close to being finished? really? you DO realise no one knows you right? you have 0 history what so ever. there is no reason to trust you or pay you period

  4. I just thought about adding the feature to start as a female. All the girls would be changed to boys and you can still grow a penis.

    • Good idea! Some of the intro text would probably need to be rewritten, but it wouldn’t be too much work. I like it

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