r12 – Elephant + Cat + Multibreast TFs

r12 materials are now uploaded to the employee portal.

  • Elephant TF
    • Change incrementally via peanuts (frog girls sometimes drop them + also available via shops), or wear the cursed elephant collar (in debug room & shop).
    • Like pandas, elephants also tend to gain weight if they’re wearing the collar.
  • Cat TF
    • Change via catnip (available in the debug room).
    • Cats grow three sets of nipples (three sets of breasts for catgirls).
    • If you are mostly a cat, then catnip will also cause a lust increase.
  • Multi-breast TF
    • You can now add & subtract up to four rows of breasts via NuevoBreast and LessBreast items — currently only in the debug room.
    • When multiple rows of breasts are present, they will cause a penalty to exposure if uncovered.  Penalty is proportional to size x number of rows.
    • Note – since slug girls have extra rows of breasts, if you TF to something different after being a sluggirl, you will continue to have extra rows of breasts (but only on your torso).
    • Doc Nalf will reset breast rows to 1.

8 thoughts on “r12 – Elephant + Cat + Multibreast TFs

  1. I know this isnt the place to ask but I got like no other place -to- ask, I cant use my debit card on your system nor do I own bitcoins, is there no way to use paypal to become a premium member?

    • No worries, it is OK to ask here.

      Our paypal got deactivated since paypal does not allow adult content.

      Here’s a couple options:
      1) If you haven’t tried it yet, you can put your debit card in the system and see if it’ll take it even though it’s not specifically listed. (I’ve heard Visa/Mastercard debit works on the system now).
      2) If you select Mail/FAX you can mail a check/money order to our payment processor
      3) Bitcoin can be purchased online or from local merchants: http://howtobuybitcoins.info/
      4) You can buy paysafecard from many local stores with cash: https://www.paysafecard.com/

      I know all of those are a hassle, but maybe one will work for you. Sorry for the inconvenience

      • Sadly iv tried them all, my Visa/Debit cards wont work, for whatever reason the website just wont accept them, I cant buy bitcoins easily nor the correct amount and even the paysafecard company wont sell me english cards (I live in the UK) they will only give me german ones but I cant buy german goods because then I have to pay a huge fee to transfer the money abroad.. it doesnt matter, I’ll just go without the game I guess, I’d love to play it but if it requires this much effort lol, I dont think its worth it :s, no offence to you lol, I blame paypal more than I blame skycorp.

  2. Loving the new transformations this update and can’t wait for the next chapter. Just a passing thought, why not include any extra TF’s that aren’t being included in the main story in the brothel by maybe adding a corridor with ‘private’ rooms off it so they can be accessed outside of the debug options?

    Figured I’d make the suggestion so all your work gets used in the ‘final’ product, not that I want there to be a final product lol. Keep up the good work.

    • By no final product I mean I don’t want it to end – (figured I’d just clarify myself before I get maimed by fans)

      • Good idea — I do need to find a way to put the non-story TFs in somewhere, perhaps some in the brothel, some in open field type areas.

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