Chapter Five ~Preview~

Chapter five is in progress, and it is huge.  It’s even larger than chapter four.  The new chapter is clocking in at around 11,000 words and approximately 48 new rooms to explore.

In this chapter, you’re sent by VCiV to infiltrate a strip club.  Unfortunately, the only way in is to become a stripper yourself, and you’ll need to be a convincing one in order to find and neutralize your target.  The problem?  Most of the people who work here quickly end up becoming catgirls.  Will you be able to finish your mission, or will you become a permanent employee at the club?

Along the way, you’ll also learn a few new bits of one of your favorite character’s back story and have your first glimpse of a whole new mysterious faction vying for power in The Underworld.

Read on below for an excerpt from the new chapter, and check back here on the research blog for a news post when chapter five launches.  PS, if you’ve played r12, note the cat TF is being updated to be more like this updated TF sequence.

A moment passes before the door opens.  “Of course, Mr. Huzhou,” you hear Bill say.  The Chinese man leaves behind you, and as he does, you spy a unfamiliar tattoo on his back shoulder: “保生大帝”

“Come in,” Bill says to you with a note of resignation.

You take a step back, but as you bump into the bouncer, you realize the only way is forward.

“Take a seat.  We have a problem to discuss.”

As you sit down, Bill hops up and pours a draught of tea from a kettle into a cup.  He sits the cup in front of you.  “Drink.  It will make it easier.”

You accept the cup cautiously, but decide to drink it.  The tea is sweet, and as you drink it, you feel a little more awake and alert.

“You stumbled onto something you should not have,” Bill says while wagging his finger at you.  “I told you not to wander.  You are a bad girl.  And what do we do with bad girls?”  

You look at the cup and realize you drank the whole thing.  You hadn’t realized how thirsty you were.  You scratch your legs and arms absently — you must be allergic to something in the tea.

Bill continues his monologue, “We can’t let them wander around as they like.  So we must put them on the proverbial leash, yes?”

As you look down at your itchy arms, you see fur beginning to grow out of the skin.  You stand up in surprise.  Towards your extremities, your legs and arms have grown tufts of pink and white fur near the wrists and ankles.  Your hands and feet gain fluidity and reshape into oversized paws, covered in soft fur with hardened purple claws.  Something parts your hair as your ears grow longer and reform into triangular, pink-furred ears.  You feel your pants ripple as your new pink and white cat tail extends through the specially designed tail flap you found in your uniform earlier.

Suddenly you feel yourself falling forward and you grab onto Bill’s desk for support.  Your chest is heavier for some reason… you look down to see two new sets of breasts developing!  You struggle to stand upright with the new weight.  You realize you’re a few inches shorter than you were before, and you have to look upwards to see Bill’s gaze tower over you.

“What did you do to me!?”

“You’re one of the catgirls now.  Sooner or later, all of you look where you shouldn’t.  Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it.  Especially once the heat hits you.”

“Hea…” you start to say, but trail off as your face feels flushed.  “Oh… OH,” you say in surprise as the catgirl heat turbocharges your libido.

Your legs buckle, and you collapse against the desk.  Your breasts feel super sensitive, no, your whole body feels super sensitive.  You begin rubbing against the desk, enjoying the sensation.  Bill sits down in his desk chair and unzips his pants.  He has a raging erection which your sex-addled mind focuses on.

You crawl your way across the desk and wrap yourself around Bill.  You can’t resist rubbing your entire body against him and purring deeply.  With one hand, he pushes your flexible swimsuit bottom to one side of your thighs and steers his member into your folds.  A meow of pleasured surprise escapes your lips unbeckoned.  You begin moving your body in earnest, enjoying the sensation of him being inside you.  Part of you thinks this seems wrong for some reason, but it feels so right.

“Oh, yes, my new pet.  You’re going to stay here in my club for the rest of your life.”

“Forever?” you murmur.

“Yes.  And you’re going to have lots of satisfied customers.”  That sounded nice.  Lots of people to play with.  Lots of dicks to enjoy.  “I don’t even have to pay you anymore.  You’ll do it for free because your slutty body wants it.  Now I own you.”

You can’t really focus on his words, you just want to climax.  You push yourself harder and faster, mashing your breasts against his larger chest and impaling yourself over and over on his rod.  You just want release.

“Thanks to your new body, you’ll be in heat most of the time… and the rest of the time, well, there’s catnip for that.  You’re just another sex slut to pass around in the club.  You’ll crave the attention of the customers, do anything to please them.  Does that sound good to you, girl?  Will you stay here and be our new catslut?”

You let out a cat-like yowl in frustration — the heat is driving you crazy!  You NEED to climax.  “Mrargh…. yeah… okay.  I’ll be your catslut,” you say.  “Just let me cum!”

“That’s a good whore,” Bill says, appreciating his latest conquest.  He reaches out and with one hand begins to grope your middle left breast, while with the other hand strokes your cat ear.  He’s well practiced at this, and the combined stimulus from your sensitive regions send you over the edge as he joins in your rubbing with his own pelvic thrusts.

You body explodes in pleasure as you finally achieve climax.  You lean back as the feeling overtakes you and you stare upwards into the ceiling.  You’re overwhelmed and gently maneuver yourself down to the floor where you melt into a puddle of pleasure.


When you come to some time later, you find yourself on a different floor… this time the floor of a cage.  A cage with your name on it.  Two new pairs of swimsuit tops have been provided for you to cover your new assets.  At least the cage’s door is unlocked, but you doubt you’ll be allowed to leave the club in this body.

You sigh, are you really stuck here forever?  You didn’t even really want to be a dancer in the first place, but now you’re stuck doing it for the rest of your life.  Although you have to admit you’ve been secretly enjoying the looks from guys.  And as you hold up a pink oversized paw, you have a feeling you’ll be getting even more looks.  Your gaze falls downward and you crane your neck to take in your six breasts. Even if you could escape, your body is now pretty obviously designed for stripping and sex work.  It’s not like you could go back to your old job like this, so maybe you should just settle in.

You can at least finish the mission… probably.  But now you’re going to have to complete it while also dealing with being almost constantly in heat.  You feel some moistness in your swimsuit uniform at the thought of your customers watching you dance… touching you… and maybe more.  Okay, definitely more, you’ll make sure of that.

Ugh, this place really is turning you into a slut.

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  1. Is a fixed release date planned? Im really looking forward to this update 😀

    • Thanks! No fixed release date is set yet. Given the size of this update, it will probably be a June release.

  2. also i love this game can’t wait for next update

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