r13 Released — Chapter 5: The Pound

The r13 materials, including Chapter 5, is now released for backers.  To recap from the earlier preview post:

In this chapter, you’re sent by VCiV to infiltrate a strip club. Unfortunately, the only way in is to become a stripper yourself, and you’ll need to be a convincing one in order to find and neutralize your target. The problem? Most of the people who work here quickly end up becoming catgirls. Will you be able to finish your mission, or will you become a permanent employee at the club?

Along the way, you’ll also learn a few new bits of one of your favorite character’s back story and have your first glimpse of a whole new mysterious faction vying for power in The Underworld.

This chapter is the biggest one yet with over 12,000 words and 50 new rooms to explore.

The preview post also has a story snippet from the chapter.  Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “r13 Released — Chapter 5: The Pound

  1. After completing the farm chapter, if you go back in for any reason it won’t let you back out because you don’t have the intelligence report, despite the fact that I already finished that bit.

    • Thanks. I’ll try to have this fixed for the next build

  2. If I may make a suggestion. You may want to consider releasing the public updates on a rotation of no more than two updates behind the payed for players revision. I just think it would help drum up more support for your game and it might reduce some of the mixed feelings I’ve seen on TFGamesite and on Fenoxo’s forums. I think a lot of people are interested but they want to see more before they commit to it. Also the game is getting to the point that it really should have a save option and preferably a save to file option that way if the browser gets cleaned we can load the file in and not worry about lost progress.

  3. Any word on the next update? Just curious because it’s been almost 2 months now.

    • Oops, guess I’m not getting wordpress notifications in my inbox anymore. Anyway, next update is in progress and currently has Tigergirl TF implemented (with multibreast). I’m open to further suggestions also.

  4. Agreed. Starting to think I wasted my money. If you put so much pressure onto people to buy your game it would be lovely to hear back from you about new things every so often.

  5. In terms of tf items; it would be cool to have a horse tf (I’m guessing either a cursed bridle/horseshoe or the ever popular dildo).

  6. It might be a fair bit of work, but “reworking” at least chapter 3 to make it possible to be “stuck” there my having too much acceptance, like on the other two newest chapters would be interesting. Or, as someone else has said before, make something happen for losing to Nixie too many times.

  7. If you use the Chapter Select to get to later Chapters, it might be an idea to unlock all the doors and such that had to be opened to get to that point – otherwise you end up with my situation, where I’m at Chapter 5 but can neither buy nor farm for the necessary items to turn myself female, because I skipped past the point that you get access to Slug Girls and such.

    So I’m stuck at the start of Chapter 5, and my only option is to go back to the start of the game and play through.

    • If you use the debug box in your apartment, you should be able to both TF yourself either male/female, or teleport yourself to the dungeons (when you teleport to the farm, it also unlocks the farm door, even if you have no key).

      It would be better if there were a way to farm the items without having to use the debug box though…

    • I’m planning a smaller update to be released within the next month

  8. I know like you don’t use paypal but I REALLY wish there was a way people could just give you the money through paypal and you unlock the content for them 🙁 I really wanna play the content but I cant get bitcoins and Im in europe so cant use like american credit cards

    • Should be within this month and include Tiger TF & Horse TF.

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