r14 Released – Horse TF, Tiger TF, Turkey TF

R14 is released, including a community suggested TF.  Please enjoy this release!

Horse TF

Use either the horsepills (hospital shop) or the cursed horseshoes (Jimmy’s shop at SkyCorp) to become more equine.

Male horses will grow a massive horse dick.  As with all the more extreme TFs, you may find it more trouble than its worth.  When sheathed, it’s sufficiently large enough that it will trigger automatic lust increase.  And if you become highly lustful, it will extend out of its sheath to double its length and increase its girth.  This size increase will destroy any pants you’re wearing, so hiding in urban areas will be tough.

When extended, your horse dick will be long enough to enjoy autofellatio during masturbation.

Warning:  due to the extreme nature of this TF, you may find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to reach the Doc and become human again.  Wearer beware.

Additional note:  The horseshoe is the first non-neck TF item, which means it can be worn at the same time as other TF items.  However, sometimes two cursed TF items ‘fight’ over specific areas of the body to claim, so you may want to stick with just one.

Tiger TF
Tiger TF is a more furry version of the Cat TF, but without the effects of going into heat.  Tigers have three rows of nipples / breasts.  Find tigernip in the grocery store and the tiger pendant in Jimmy’s shop in the SkyCorp office.

Turkey TF
New turkeys will find their arms transformed into wings and their belly gaining weight fast.  Wear the Turkey pendant in Debug Curse Room 2 (south, then west).  Happy Thanksgiving to players in the states!

Shopping List
Unlock all items in the shops instantly by using the shopping list in the debug room.

Known bugs:

  • If you start lactating and have useless hands (hooves, etc), you may get stuck in an infinite death loop.
  • After completing the farm chapter, if you go back in for any reason it won’t let you back out because you don’t have the intelligence report, despite the fact that I already finished that bit.
  • If you acquire an udder, die and get sent to the farm, you may die again right away before it works again

[ download / play in browser ]

Next release should be a public release once some of the bugs are fixed.

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  1. can we plEASE get immoble dick sizes aswell as breasts, WE need that, we also need a way for you to carry thoses monsters, please !!!!

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