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r8 – Cowgirl TF

  • Cow TF: Use either the Milk bottles or wear the Cowbell to get TF’ed into a cowgirl (both available in the debug rooms).  At high levels of cow TF, you will grow an udder.  Cowgirls will produce milk from their breasts (and udder if they have one) and occasionally need to be milked.  A very small udder can be concealed underneath clothes, but it will expand as it fills with milk, causing any worn pants to burst open (playing a cowgirl in public areas will be challenging ;)).
  • Lactation:  Control lactation in the debug rooms.  Using the Bovine Growth Formula will allow you to lactate even more than is possible through cow TF alone, but you may find the amount of milk produced overwhelming as you become a slave to your body’s new needs.
  • Acceptance stat is now increased through sex with the denizens of the Underworld instead of via transformations (your character can dislike their new body, or grow to love it).
  • Debug rooms now have a better selection of items to fine-tune your character, including height grow/shrink, cock grow/shrink, breasts grow/shrink, and new items for vagina grow/shrink

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r7 – Panda TF

You can now transform into a Panda form.  Either eat lots of bamboo or wear the (cursed) panda necklace — both are now available in the debug rooms.  Being larger creatures, pandas may find it difficult to shed their new found weight 😉

Get it now via Private Builds.

New payment options supported

We can now support a variety of purchase methods for private build purchasers:

  • Credit Cards (American Express, Carte Blanche, Diner’s Club, Discover, Eurocard, JCB, MasterCard, Novus (All variations), Optima, Visa, Switch/Solo)
  • Maestro/Solo Debit Cards
  • paysafecard
  • Wire Transfer in Euros
  • Mail/FAX
  • Bitcoin

r6 – Weight TF system

  •  Food is now edible at either the TFC in Downtown Mulberry or the Bar at Haven.  Different food has different HP replenishment values and different calories.
  • Eat too much and you will gain weight!  If you gain too much weight, it will be difficult to conceal your belly.
  • You can exercise on the treadmill in the Mulberry Gym to lose weight.
  • Dragon queens will also have difficulty concealing their belly during later stages of pregnancy.

Get it now via Private Builds.