r31 – Teasing Tentacles

Researchers with private build access can head to the researcher intranet to download r31, which adds a number of new features.

Shark TF – Kicking off the beginnings of the aquatic themed chapter, you can now transform into an anthro shark.  Look for the Shark Tooth Pendant in the debug rooms, due west of the Debug Monster Arena.  Anthro sharks are powerful creatures that have great mobility both in and out of water, thanks to their large shark tail.  However, this tail isn’t hideable under disguises, so you won’t be able to traverse Mulberry as a shark.

Octomaid – This half-octopus woman will ensnare those who cross her with her eight lavender tentacles.  Her scenes are about 2,600 words long, with most of that in the player defeat scene.  She has a penchant for teasing her prey and knows exactly how to best use those tentacles.  😉

Tease system – NPCs can now tease you about your form, which is particularly fun when you have a low acceptance level of your current body.  So far, this is only implemented in the octomaid, but will likely show up in more NPC dialogue in future.  Here’s an example of a dragon queen getting teased by her:

Each transformation has different things an NPC may wish to tease you about, or little pet names they might decide to give you :3  These tease interactions will raise your acceptance level of your form as they force you to come to terms with your new body.

Teasing does not yet work with custom transformation mods, but will probably add support for that soon (especially if modders request it).

However, modders can use this in enemy mods today by trying the new text variables.

Text Variables – In addition to new text variables for teasing, there’s also new ones for describing the player’s movement type (currently limited to walking or swimming) and for describing the player’s butt.  Eventually player’s butt size will be calculated separately, but for now it just matches whatever player breast size is.  Finally, there is also a variable for the species the player is more than any other species.

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