As you may have heard, a lot of NSFW Patreon creators are currently being suspended.  Fortunately, we haven’t been affected so far, but I’ve updated the subscription options page to encourage new subscribers to use BMT Micro instead going forward.

Current/New Patreon Subscribers – You don’t need to take any specific action or move your subscription.  Assuming nothing happens to us, Patreon will still be fully supported.

I’m also evaluating how to handle posting project updates on Patreon.  Many creators are getting banned for making those, or even linking to their own websites, so I will either be making abbreviated posts on Patreon or will skip posts there.  As always, you can grab the RSS feed from this blog directly and read it with your favorite feed reader, or join our discord channel which has a dedicated announcements room.

Also, it’s the first of the month, which means Patreon processing has begun and will continue updating automatically over the next few days.  New backers should ensure their Patreon accounts are linked on the researcher intranet.  Note even if Patreon’s website indicates a charge to you, it can still take a couple days for their website to update the data they display to me.  In prior months, most people’s access is usually granted on the second of the month, with others spread out on the other days of the first week of the month.

If you’re planning to unpledge on Patreon, I recommend waiting a few days for the reconciliation process to complete before you unpledge.  This is because once you unpledge, the Patreon API no longer sends any data about your purchases.

Thanks for your support!

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