r30.03 Public Demo Release

A new public demo build is now available!  This new build includes:

  • Tattoos & Piercings system – Get one to force yourself to always be lusty, or prevent your breasts from ever decreasing in size.  You could even get one to get rid of those pesky attack options so you have to always submit to your opponents…
  • Choose initial acceptance level – There are now three options during character creation to decide your initial acceptance rate and how you treat others. Each option has its own little intro story to go with it, along with an explanation of the acceptance system.
  • Better organization of inventory UI.
  • More reliable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Numerous other small improvements and fixes.
  • If you’re a project backer and haven’t played recently, there’s also tons of other new stuff since the last public build, including heavy modding support (you can now mod in your own transformations, clothing, items, maps, etc), Giraffe TF, Wolf TF, Spider Dungeon, and community created content as well!  Backers also have exclusive access to additional story chapters and other content, too.

Public build players can download it via the Materials Download page.

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