r30 – More mod support / a couple new mods

  • Modders can now create all-fours / quadrupedal / non-bipedal transformations (like the spider or frog TFs)
    • See the getIsBipedal function to do this (and optionally these functions as well for additional/custom flavoring: checkPlayerMobile, tickMovement, getHeightDescription, getPostureDescription)
  • Modders can now create transformations with useless hands (like in the cow chapter)
  • The Wolf TF / Wolf Collar mod gives an example of both of these, transforming the player into a wolf form that has paws instead of hands
  • Dragon Disciples & Dragon Servants now only disappear in the temple (modders can use them in mod maps and they won’t disappear)
  • Minimum height via TF potion is lower when in all fours / non-bipedal mode
  • Prevent keyboard shortcuts being removed after clicking a button with mouse
  • Improved the LUA interpreter to support LUA functions calling into AS3/Game functions that then call back into LUA functions (and so on)
  • An age gate is now shown the first time you play
  • Game text now recognizes [[EYES DESCRIPTION]]

Also, have you seen Saint’s Potent Dragon Servant and Bolstered Dragon Disciple?  If you’re looking for some more Dragon Queen content, definitely try those two mods.  Saint was also a little nervous about sharing them, so if you like them, maybe say something nice to them on Discord 🙂

Update – r30.01 is now released that addresses an issue in r30 that prevented loading some save games from r29.

Update – r30.02 is now released which fixes the bug where the Naga Queen doesn’t recognize you in frog form.

Update – r30.03 is now released which fixes a load issue that occurred sometimes when a piercing gets destroyed.

9 thoughts on “r30 – More mod support / a couple new mods

  1. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing or what, but the sewer portion is bugged in both versions of 30, as well as 29. No matter what I do, the Naga views me as a frog, no matter whether I’m human, fox, slug, or something else. Just to check, I went to version 28 and did the same things I was doing in 30/29, and it was fine there. Maybe some code got messed up?

    • Nevermind, not 29, just both version of 30. I thought I’d had to go farther down than I did. Version 29 is fine.

      • Seems fixed to me when going through, just having some issues with saves now. Could be my end, not sure yet.

        • Please let me know what save slot you are having trouble with and what (if any) error is being shown. I can take a look and see if I have the same problem.

          • Save slot 3, which is the latest build, gives me the error during load:

            “Warning, unable to link aspect to entity uuid: 0115921B-B976-B510-055F-865FE7C13DA1”

            I had issues with a few other slots on older saves, but they seemed okay just now. I know I had about 5 or 6 errors pop up on that 3rd save slot once, but I couldn’t replicate it.

          • Check out r30.03 which should fix your third save slot. It looks like at some point a piercing or tattoo somehow got deleted from your game, either from an in-game event or from the earlier save/load bug not loading a piercing or tattoo. This fixes it so it shouldn’t break in this scenario.

  2. It seems some of the mods require 2 codes to be executed at once to occur. Not an issue, but how would I do this?
    [Ex: The Pig TF and Pig King]

    • Just execute one code, and then execute the second code. In the case of monsters, you probably want to end on the monster code since it will despawn any monster in the adjoining room after you hit execute except for the most recent monster. So I would recommend you execute Pig TF, then Pig King and you’ll be able to be TFed if you lose to the Pig King.

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